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Latria (LATRIA) is the witch form of Kirika Kure, who appears in the second half of the first installment of Puella Magi Oriko Magica and Sadness Prayer. She also appears in Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story: Magia Record as Kirika's Doppel.

Witch Card

Oriko Magica Witch Card 5.png


TypeWitch of needles
EpisodesOriko Magica volume 2

The witch of needles. Her nature is enticement. She is a long, towering creature mostly composed of female torsos. She wears a hat with an eyeball perched on it, and is armed with two long scythes. Like she could as a magical girl, she has the ability to slow down her opponents.


Latria Familiar Card.png

No Name

TypeNeedles minion
EpisodesOriko Magica volume 2

Her minions are blob-shaped creatures with hats. Large maws open up on their bodies to devour victims.

Magia Record Description

The Doppel of enticement. Its form is needles. The master of this emotion has vowed absolute loyalty to her savior. It penetrates enemy and master alike with sharp needles, sewing the fate of all things tight. This act represents its extreme devotion, such that it offers up everything, including its life to its benefactor, while symbolizing the perilousness of its dependence upon the other, which it cannot maintain its identity without. The sharper the needles are, the more the stitches there are, and the harder it becomes to extricate oneself from it. However, this merely serves as an expression of the master's desire.


  • In Oriko Magica, Kirika's witch name was unknown and theorized by fans to be "Margot" due to a sign in her labyrinth that read "Margot Garden". In Magica Record, her name was officially revealed to be "Latria".
  • Latria is a Latin word that means "adoration". The word has religious significance.
  • Latria may be a reference to the Grim Reaper due to how she composes of multiple bodies and due to the scythes on her arms. The multiple torsos are significant due to how the Grim Reaper is said to harvest souls at the time of a death.
    • Also Latria's eye in her hat may be a reference to the infamous 'evil eye' who is said to have been a glare that witches would have used to curse people.
  • Latria's familiars are shown to be able to eat people alive as Kazuko Saotome is seen to suffer this fate.
  • In its Doppel animation, its name is incorrectly spelled as "Latriaa".
  • She is the same type of Witch as Quitterie.
  • Latria's design changes in Sadness Prayer, where she is seen wearing clothing.



Magia Record