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Summary Interviews

Source: Megami, February 2011. [1]. Summary from Megami interview and staff comments

  • It was Shinbo who put "Mahou Shoujo" into the title, he feel it would become something else that is not strictly magical girl without it. He want to put Madoka Magica into a "magical girl" category.
  • Unlike any previous Gekidan Inu Curry participation on OP/ED or small clips, they're in charge of visual art designs this time. Their position is to connect director Shinbo's style, Ume-sensei's characters and Urobuchi-san's scripts together.
  • The series is 12-episodes, if possible, director Shinbo want you to watch it again one more time after the series has ended, it would become clear why characters act in the way they did.
  • Importance is put on to respect Urobuchi-san's scripts as much as possible, there's no major change to his script except for a little time adjustment. At the point of interview, all editing until episodes 3 are done.
  • Shaft recruits and set up a new CG production management position for Madoka, main highlight of CG works in this series is Gekidan Inu Curry's scenes in the show.
  • Shinichiro Kashiwada (Shigofumi, Index 1, Railgun) is in charge of production supporting from Aniplex's side; animation producer from Shaft's side is Tadao Iwaki (line producer of Arakawa Under The Bridge 2).
  • Aoi Yuuki "Madoka is fluffy cute! She is like a strawberry daifuku!"

Summary of interview with Kalafina (Wakana, Keiko, Hikaru)

  • Magia meaning is "magic" but also has "power of believing in someone" as its main theme. Magic that is power to create a miracle. A strength that come from "wish."
  • Keiko says she repeat the bridge part as practice until she become used to its unique rhythm. Wakana says since the lyric is powerful, the expression of "weakness and gentleness within the strength" is hard to sing.
  • "What pop up in your mind when talking about magical girls?" Wakana "Kiki's Delivery Service and Akazukin Chacha" Keiko "Himitsu no Akko-chan" Hikaru "Card Capture Sakura"

Summary of interview ClariS (Kurara, Alice)

  • Connect's main theme is "adventure, comrade, bond and dreams."
  • The song is "cool" in an opposite direction from their debut song, Irony.
  • "What pop up in your mind when talking about magical girls?" Kurara "Hoshikuzu Witch Meruru" Alice "Not magical girls, but Disney shows like Cinderella, Enchanted and Little Mermaid. I adore princess when I was a child."

An Alternative Summary Translation - source: [2]

Summary of director Akiyuki Shinbo and other 39 staffs comments interview from pre-broadcast coverage in Megami Magazine Vol.129.

  • It was director Shinbo who is particular about magical girl in the title. He feels the show would lose a generic-feeling and would become anything else altogether without it. He wants the show to be in magical girl category.
  • Unlike any previous Gekidan Inu Curry involvement in Shaft anime as public performance or opening performance, this time they're in charge of visual art designs. Their position is a joint that joins Gen Urobuchi’s script, Ume Aoki’s designs and Akiyuki Shinbo’s direction together.
  • Importance are put on to respect Gen Urobuchi’s scenario as much as possible; there’s no major change to the script except from a minor span adjustment. All editings until episodes 3 are done at the point of interview.
  • Aoi Yuuki “Madoka is fluffy cute! She is like a strawberry daifuku!”

Madoka's Family: February 2011 Megami

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Tomohisa Kaname

Madoka's stay-at-home dad, takes care of housework instead of the Junko. Loved by his hard-working wife and his kids.

Junko Kaname

Madoka's mom and career woman working for a company. Close enough with Madoka to talk about topics like love.

Tatsuya Kaname

Madoka's 3-years old brother. Still very young and needs to be looking after. Currently attending kindergarten. He loves his sister a lot

Staff Quotes

Partial translation

Mami Tomoe: Kaori Mizuhashi

I was drawn to the role since I've rarely been able to play a part like this before. I was allowed to choose which role I could audition for and really wanted to try her out so I'm glad I challenged myself this time around. And then when I heard the story setting, I really wanted to play this role, so I'm happy I got it.

Pre Broadcast Interview with Akiyuki Shinbo (series director)

Megami Interview 12eps.jpg

Akiyuki Shinbo:

Once it ends, I want [the viewers] to watch again one more time. I want to make it a show that you can enjoy watching 12 episodes straight. There might even be some parts that is not understandable without watching it that way. I think it is fun if you watch it once you know how it ends. You can empathize the characters that way, and you can discover something new by watching it from different viewpoint.

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