Megami Magazine 2011-05

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Megami Magazine 2011-05 Special Booklet 2 14.jpg

Staff List

A list of groups who worked on the anime with basic biographical information and a staff list. It was written by Gekidan Inu Curry in a very strange, obnoxious style. The sections mainly talk about how the producers are happy to have worked on the show. For example, the director said "My favorite part was when we finally got the show to launch."

Assorted Translations

Page 4

Urobuchi’s column.

I don’t want to show Mami’s terrible way of dying. That sense of the evanescence was important.

I want to tell, “If they make even a mistake they become so”. And that way of expression is necessary to show that Mami will never revive.

Page 5

The Explanation

  • A witch who has strong power. It is perceived as a calamity. Homura proposes to fight against the witch with Kyoko.

Official Gallery

Hi-Resolution scans of the Megami Magazine [2011-05] Special Booklet 2.


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