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All translations courtesy of symbv from evageeks forum.

Aruko Wada (TYPE-MOON) (Pixiv 611443)

Megami 08.2011 Scan 3.jpg

It has been long long time since I spent time enjoying an anime so much.

I would like to say thanks to everyone in the staff for this wonderful work.

Although I was a bit hesitant, still I want to contract with Kyubey....

Aruko Wada - Blog

Yu-gen (Pixiv 806502)

Megami 08.2011 Scan 4.jpg

A work that went far above expectation. This was my thought after I finished watching it.

I came to this work with the image of what mahou shoujo was like before, and under the hands of the production team I became its big fan.

Character design, scenario, graphic art of the witches, the distortions all balanced very well in this work....

And it is a masterpiece that gets you to feel "I want to see it once again! But...I am scared of seeing it again!"

In this illustration I want to draw Madoka's thinking for Homura and by drawing the broken sand timer, the image is that of the last episode where all the bad causes and effects were eradicated. Incubator is omake! w (smile)

Yuugen - Blog

Kuuchuu Yousai (Makai Tenshi Djibril)

Megami 08.2011 Scan 5.jpg

I did my best and drew this.

Yousai Kuuchuu - Blog

Kippu (Pixiv 27410)

Megami 08.2011 Scan 6.jpg

I love Kyoko and Sayaka very much!

If they had met in different circumstances, they will become close friends

Whenever I think of the two persons my heart and tear glands swell.

It is truly great to come across this work!

But I also want to slap Kyubey!

Kippu - Blog

Pun2 (Pixiv 861925)

Megami 08.2011 Scan 7.jpg

Madoka Magika was in a good way

a really simulating anime.

It is not the usual mahou shoujo works

filled only with dreams

All the characters all hold some side

that is like real people, and this impressed me a lot.

The acting by the seiyuus were also great,

I was able to enjoy this anime in full till the end.

PUN2 - Blog

Hirokazu Koyama (TYPE-MOON)

Megami 08.2011 Scan 8.jpg

The moment when Mami-san threw the words out "You are slow on the uptake." I thought, this anime is something!

At the middle of the story, when everyone did not doubt it would be a Bad ED, I kept believing in a Happy ED and I kept believing that there was no cheating in the OP (about its lyrics).

At the end of the story, at first sight it was an epic flip of tale. I had watched it until then and I even thought despite all that it was not bad -- while giving my total approval of becoming mahou shoujo and their fights, but the price is something that overturned my conviction but yet was not some convenient excuses, until I came to understand how Madoka's salvation was going to work...

In fact it managed to converge everything it was building up all along without breaking anything and reach a grand finale. I could help marveling at it when I noticed that. And it brought me to realize my own shallowness.

For "Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magika", an anime that gave me such a tense feeling that felt so good, I would like to give the production staff my highest praise and thanks.

Hirokazu Koyama (TYPE-MOON) - Blog

Risa Ebata (Macross Frontier character designer)

Megami 08.2011 Scan 1.jpg

Even though it is about mahou shoujo,

but there is no magic-related transformation or incident happening,

the happiest thing is to live everyday ordinarily.

I ended up thinking

I would most like to see such a scene (lol).

Risa Ebata

Ugetsu Hakua (Bakuretsu Tenshi, The Tower of Druaga character designer)

Megami 08.2011 Scan 9.jpg

Ugetsu Hakua - Blog

I drew my view of the world after the establishment of the "round circle" [symbv: this is the world after Madoka became goddess and no witch is ever born.]

I really wish this world had Sayaka somehow rescued and saved by Kyoko.

The most important thing is the happiness to be able to trust one another!

I am waiting for 2nd season with joy.

Shino Eefy (Pixiv 67388)

Megami 08.2011 Scan 2.jpg

Shino Eefy - Blog

CHAN×CO (Pixiv 35693)

Megami 08.2011 Scan 10.jpg

CHAN×CO - Blog


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