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Meikyu-bey (Maze) in the world (世界中の迷宮べぇ) is a fanmade JRPG based on the anime. We can control 5 of the 14 available magical girls (5 from the anime, and 9 without names). The goal in this game is defeating all the witches in a scenario similar to a maze, leveling up our characters without Homura getting out of MP (magical points).

A special feature of this game is, if the situation is in danger (running out of MP, for example), we can travel in time, reseting to level 1 of all magical girls except Homura, and start again the game, but with Homura stronger than before. It's however still possible to defeat the game without ever having to reset the timeline.


The game starts in the streets where various options are shown. The first one is where characters can be selected, you click them once and then select the space of the small square below where the magical girl is going to be (Maximum of 5 girls.) The second option is to save the game, it will not save automatically, so make sure you come back from the maze once in a while to save. The next option is to Reset the timeline, it's recommendable to just click it when you are almost out of MP or when various of your characters have died. When we're ready, we enter on the maze selecting the last option and we have to go forward the maze and fight the enemies (the familiars and witches) around the place. When we touch a familiar or a witch, a fight will start.

The main options we can do with every character in a fight are the following: attack (obviously, do damage to the enemy, it reduces 1 MP per use), magic (open a list of special abilites which the character can make, all of them consume the number of MP it has besose.), defense (reduce the enemy damage it'll do to you), and escape from the fight (doesn't work for witches). When we finish a fight, all the characters will receive some experience points depending of the enemy and HP will be restored (but not MP). If a character ran out of HP during the fight, they will not receive experience points after.

While there's no explicit armor stat, there's level-based defense, causing characters to deal less then stated ATK damage if s/he is too low level comparing to the target.

Homura and company in a fight with two familiars

Every character has a number of HP (health points) and MP (magic points). When the HP reaches to zero, the character won't do anything until someone revives him or until the fight is over and a certain number of MP will be decreased in order to revive the character. When the MP reaches to zero, the character will definitely die and turn into a witch (we can fight against it or avoid it in the maze).

The game can be ended by many ways:

  • The HP of all characters reaches to zero in a fight.
  • The MP of all characters reaches to zero in a fight.
  • Homura's MP reaches to zero.

When we defeat a witch, we'll get a grief seed, it can be used for increasing MP of all characters (a lot, but not the maximum). In the maze, we open the menu, go to the third option, press "okay", and press again "okay" to confirm it; then the MP of all characters is increased or restored.

You may cast magic even when your character not have enough MP; However, doing so will definitely turn her into a witch. It is almost impossible to defeat it in early stage to prevent collecting grief seeds this way. But if your team members are in high level, it is possible.

List of abilities

Mami's list of abilities

Here's a list of magical abilities of all the characters we can do when we select "Magic".

(Note: This section needs to be translated from the game, and many of the abilities needs to be tested to find out their effects; other characters' abilities coming soon)

Akemi Homura

Homura lacks any supporting skills for the team, matching her lonewolf style in the anime. She's also the weakest of everyone statwise without her timeline hopping ability to make up for it.

Growth HP : 3rd, tied with Sayaka MP : 2nd ATK: 5th SPD: 2st, tied with Madoka

Name MP Cost Description Effect
Overdrive Depending of the level Stop time of all but Homura, for several turns. Gives Homura two extra turns before anyone else can move.
Timed bomb 20 Set a bomb. It will explode after 2 turns. (Will explode after 2 turns. It also delays when Overdrive is used.)
Stun grenade 50 Make enemies dizzy and we can retreat
Escapes from the enemies (doesn't work for witches).
Shotgun(拡散衝撃弾) 90 Give all enemies shock, may make them into stun in a certain probability
(May Shock all enemies in a certain probability)
Desert Eagle 200 Shoot Desert Eagle crazily and give damage to one enemy
Deals high damage to one enemy.

Kaname Madoka

Madoka starts weak but has the highest growth rate comparing to everyone and will start to shine from level 70 onward. She is capable of dealing out the highest magic damage per turn but this exhaust her mana reserve quickly while having the lowest ratio of magic damage per mana. She makes a very good buffing character. She also has the only targetable damage buff. Since there are more then one ways to use her in battle, it is best not to spread and stick to a certain style as the circumstance require.

Growth HP : 1st MP : 1st ATK: 1st SPD: 2nd, tied with Homura

Name MP Cost Description Effect
Keep it secret to everyone! 30 Make a bright attack with bow and give enemy damage
Does some damage to one enemy.
It's no problem now! 40 Recover one's abnormal status
(Recovers abnormal status)
It is challenging. 60 Increase ATK of one of our team
(Enhance Madoka's power)
Because I am a magical girl!.. 100 Get into awaken mode and increase all status for a time. Cost some MP for each turn
(Madoka changes to her Awakened Form, raising all stats and consumes 50 MP every turn.)
Can I change this ending? 400 Make a powerful shot with a wish. Can be used only in Awakened Form.
(Deal High damage one single enemy. To use this skill, Madoka must be in her Awakened Form.)

Miki Sayaka

Sayaka has the most defensive oriented skills in the game, fitting her wish of healing. She is also the fastest Magical Girl and will almost always move before anyone else, ensuring whatever magic she uses will hit its mark. Her other stats are unfortunately quite sub par. Note that Sayaka uses a melee attack and receive attack penalty when put in the back row.

Growth HP : 3rd, tied with Homura MP : 4th, tied with Kyoko Atk: 4th SPD: 1st

Name MP Cost Description Effect
Hope for healing someone 20 Recover HP of one of our team Heals a lot of HP to one character.
I'm such an idiot 60 (Translate) (Delay damages for several turns. But she will take all damage after effects end.)
I want to be strong 50 (Translate) (Greatly increase Sayaka's SPD and slightly increase her ATK.)
Power of wanting to protect someone 120 (Translate) (Deal damage to one enemy in the back row?)
A wish calling for a miracle 200 (Translate) Revives to everyone who's dead (out of HP).

Tomoe Mami

Mami has the best stats in the early parts of game but fall in line as the game progress. Her skills are quite mixed. Slow but consistently pack a punch.

Growth HP : 5th MP : 3rd Atk: 2nd SPD: 5th

Name MP Cost Description Effect
Mitragliata 30 Strife with machine guns and damage all enemies Damages all enemies
Tea time after gun fire 70 With delicious English tea, heal the HP of all your friends in a single row. (Recover a little HP for all members at the same row)
Wink of Victory 50 Increase your accuracy rate. (Increase hit rate)
Fascia Catena 80 Tie up a foe in ribbons, and damage it. Furthermore, you might stun the enemy. Damages one enemy
Tiro Finale 250 Use an enormous gun to deal lots of damage with this special attack. Be careful for it creates a gap. Makes a lot of damage to one enemy.

Sakura Kyoko

Kyoko is perharp the most well rounded character of the game. She has great ultility, average stat and if not for her horrible MP pool, the best damage spike. Note that Kyoko uses melee attacks and will suffer an attack penalty if placed on the back row.

Growth HP : 2nd MP : 4th, tied with Sayaka Atk: 3rd SPD: 4th

Name MP Cost Description Effect
Round Slice 40 Sweep a large range with spear. Damage the target and its nearby enemies Damages enemies, one enemy you selected gets double damage.
Eating is my source of power 20 Eat a snack to recover some health. It also slightly raises attack. Heals herself and slightly raises ATK.
Wall of praying 80 Create a barrier with a prayer, reducing damage done to the back row. Protects everybody from attacks, making enemies' attacks weaker.
Teachings of kindness 40 Make the enemies fall asleep by talking. (Make all enemies sleep.)
It is lonely to be alone. The number of MP -1 Leaving only a little bit of MP, use the rest and blow yourself up. Depending of the MP (more MP, more damage), she makes damage to all enemies.

List of enemies

Regular witches and familiars

Traveling through the maze you will meet this witches and familiars. Familiars will attack you before you can reach the witch. Every next witch is stronger then one you fought before, and so do familiars.

  • Gertrud ( Familiars: Anthony, Adelbert )
  • Charlotte ( Familiars: Ulla, Pyotr )
  • Elly (Kirsten) ( Familiars: Daniyyel & Jennifer, Anja )
  • Gisela ( Familiars: Dora )
  • Elsa Maria ( Familiars: Sebastian's )
  • Patricia ( Familiars: Mathieu )
  • Walpurgis Night ( No familiars )

Additional enemies

You don't need to fight these enemies to complete the game, and you will face them only in special circumstances. They don't have familiars as regular witches.

  • Unnamed witch

All magic girls except Homura (if it happends you'll lose the game) and Madoka (see below) will become this witch if their MP reaches 0. Sayaka also transform into this witch, not into Oktavia von Seckendorff.

This witch is stronger then Gisela, but weaker then Elsa Maria. Her strength doesn't depend on what magic girl was transformed and what level she was.

  • Kriemhild Gretchen

Madoka will become this witch if her MP reaches 0.

She is much stronger than Walpurgis Night and easily kill team, that can defeat Walpurgis Night in few rounds.

  • Kyubey

It's bonus fight after you defeat Walpurgis Night and see congratulations screen for completing the game.


A player's memo of the game(in Japanese)