Minor Oriko Witches

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A list of all the Witches that appear in Extra Story and Sadness Prayer. All of these witches are currently nameless at this time.

Unnamed Extra Story Witch 1

A witch first encounted by Kirika at the start of Extra Story.

Unnamed Extra Story Witch 2

A huge witch that ensnares Kirika's ex-friend.

Unnamed Extra Story Witch 3

This witch was shown in a flash back where Oriko struggles to assist Kirika in beating it.

Sasa Yuuki's Extra Story Witches

Witches Sasa uses to try and defeat Oriko and Kirika in Extra Story.

Very Minor Witches from Extra Story

Unnamed Witch from Sadness Prayer 1

Unnamed Witch from Sadness Prayer 2

Unnamed Witch from Sadness Prayer 3

A witch that Komaki Asako fights.

Unnamed Witch from Sadness Prayer 4

Sasa Yuuki's Sadness Prayer Servant Witches

Witches Sasa uses at various times in Sadness Prayer.

Lina Hitomi's Witch

The Witch form of Lina Hitomi.

Unnamed Sadness Prayer Witch 5

A witch that Kyouko fights before dealing with Cecil.