Mitakihara Middle School

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Main entrance
Another view of the school
Mitakihara Math and PE Teachers

Mitakihara Middle School (見滝原中学校 Mitakihara Chūgakkou) is the first school that was established in Mitakihara Town. The school was completely reconstructed several years prior to the start of the show. The school is shown in a futuristic style with glass walls, many windows and corridors.

The design of the school may have been influenced by the ultramodern Justice Center Leoben, a glass prison in Styria, Austria.


It has further been posed that the imagery of the white rooftop may have been influenced by perspective art from the Italian Renaissance, such as Christ Handing the Keys to St. Peter, by Pietro Perugino.

Christ perspective 2.jpg


According to the Blu-Ray Episode 1 voice commentary:

  • In the Blu-Ray audio commentary for episode 1, the seiyuus found the school to be cute and cool, they were impressed with the school's digital gadgets and technology (like the whiteboard) but some wondered what did students do when they needed to change clothes (like gym) since the classroom walls are made of glass.
    • The seiyuus speculated that there must be some sort of technology at work so no one can see the inside when needed. Chiwa Saitou's (Homura's seiyuu) suggestion sounds like smart glass technology.


  • The Madoka PSP game's world map gives the approximate location of Mitakihara Middle School in the game.
    • According to the PSP world map, the school is located near a river fork. It was constructed next to a river and the bridge that crosses it. It is assumed that the area where the school is located within walking distance of family dwellings, small buildings, and apartment buildings. Mami's residence is located to the northeast of the school.


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