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MOVIC Promote Service's Madoka Magica Exhibit recreates the environment in the Puella Magi Madoka Magica anime for fans. The display includes three areas: Exhibition, Attractions and Shop. The first thing a visitor may enter is a doorway with Walpurgisnacht reminiscent of the opening scene of episode 1, with Madoka's dream. They can also read a plaque of the story of Madoka.

Upon entering the Exhibition area, they may see the following things on display.

  • Portraits of memorable character moments from the anime episodes
  • Each magical girl has a gallery of pictures and items on display, as well as a near-life size 3-D figure in a signature pose from the anime.
  • For Madoka Kaname, her pose is shooting her bow. One of her signature 3D items displayed on the wall is Kyubey, who constantly endeavors to make a magical contract with her. Another is her ribbon which she wears at all times, until she gives it to Homura after the universe is remade, as a memento so Homura will never forget her.
  • For Homura Akemi, her pose is as bespectacled Homura in a past time-line, fighting Patricia. One of her signature items is a sand-timer, representative of her time-related powers and wish. Another is her eye-glasses, which Homura sheds as she changes in personality in her pursuit to save Madoka.
  • For Mami Tomoe, her pose is shooting her weapon while fighting Charlotte's familiars. One of her signature items is a tea set, reflecting her love for tea and the social moments that let her escape from her loneliness. Another is her flower-like gem design, a crucial part of costume as a magical girl--an important part of Mami's identity.
  • For Kyoko Sakura, her pose is fighting Oktavia, in an attempt to recover Sayaka. One of her signature items is apples, representing both her love for food and the gesture of friendship she tried to make towards Sayaka. Another is an Inu-Curry display of her family, which she lost so tragically.
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  • For Sakaya Miki, her pose is fighting Elsa Maria. One of her signature items is a violin, representing the boy and the music she made her wish for, to become a magical girl. Another is the song "Ave Marie," a song that plays at the important moment of seeing her wish realized and then once more, when she accepts the ultimate price for her wish.

In addition to the magical girls, there are also displays for Kyubey and the witches throughout the Exhibition area.

The event's "Attractions" area features games such as using Mami's "Tiro Finale" to shoot Charlotte's familiars or use Sayaka's bat to hit balls at enemies. Those who clear the games can win prizes such as a character stamp or a book.

The Shop includes a wide variety of goods, from clothing to figures to replica weapons. Some items have new designs or are currently not sold through other channels.

The Exhibit is open from December 27 to December 31 at the Sunshine City complex's Culture Hall in Tokyo's Ikebukuro district. It will run from February 10 to February 12 at the Asia and Pacific Trade Center's ATC Hall in Osaka and then from March 20 to March 25 at Nagoya Trade & Industry Center's Fukiage Hall in Nagoya City.

Tickets cost 1,300 yen (US$17) at the door, and visitors receive bonus Soul Gem earphone holders and commemorative booklet.

Audio Translation

Some areas of the exhibit play audio in the background. These are parts of the audio that have been translated:

Kyouko's Exhibit

Japanese English


Kyouko: Kuu kai? [Editor's note, means: "Want some?"]

Sayaka: Whatever, it's probably just some ill gotten goods again..
Kyouko: Quit sweatin' the small stuff. Man, you're as hard headed as always.
Sayaka: Of course. After all, I'm an ally of justice.
Kyouko: Haa.. do you really have to bring that up now..?
Sayaka: Well, I am the protector of Mitakihara, Mahou Shoujo Sayaka-chan, after all!
Kyouko: Eh?....what...? pf! "Mahou Shoujo Sayaka-chan"? Ahahaha Ahahaha!
Sayaka: er..uhh...forget it! Forget that just now!
Kyouko: What's wrong, Mahou Shoujo Sa~yaka-cha~n?
Sayaka: Sh-shut up!

Madoka's Exhibit

Japanese English
ま:ほむらちゃん、一緒に帰ろっ ♪

メ:そ、そうですか・・・ でもでもっ、鹿目さんの髪もかわいいですし、そのリボンも似合ってると思います!

Madoka: Homura-chan, let's walk home together ♪

Homura: Okay. But could you wait a little? I need to get ready.
Madoka: Sure!
Madoka: Homura-chan, your hair sure is pretty~
Homura: Eeh!? Why are you bringing something like that up so suddenly, Kaname-san!?
Madoka: I've always thought so~ It's so long and makes me kinda jealous.
Homura: O-oh... But! Your hair is really cute too, Kaname-san. And those ribbons really suit you!
Madoka: You think so? Hehehe...thanks. I think this style might look good on you too, Homura-chan. Maybe sometime we should match hairstyles!
Homura: O-okay!

Homura's Exhibit

Japanese English


Homura: Oh? It's unusual to see you here.

Kyubey: Oh, don't say that, Homura. I'm not always out trying to convince Madoka to make a contract, you know.
Homura: So? What do you want.
Kyubey: I've got some really good news today. Especially concerning you, Homura.
Homura: What do you mean. I don't think I've ever heard any news from you that was good.
Kyubey: You'll see what I mean. I don't really have emotions so I'm not really sure, but I think this is what you humans may call "surprising"?
Homura: Really. I'm busy, so make it quick.
Kyubey: Madoka mentioned that she'd like to see you wearing glasses. She said she's sure you'd look cute.
Homura: I-I won't be fooled by a story like that..
Kyubey: What's the matter, Homura? Your face is all red.
Homura: Just hurry up and get out...!


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