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The Madoka Magica The Beginning Story Brochure is a brochure released on October 6, 2012 together with the first Madoka Magica Movie and sold at theatre screenings in Japan.

Aniplex of America has also announced they are going to be selling it at the Los Angeles screenings between 19-25 October 2012.



Due to the various conditions of her contract, Madoka is a special magical girl with wildly fluctuating potential. As a new magical girl, she may acquire nothing more than average ability, or she may suddenly awaken first-class magical power. Normally, Madoka will make a trivial wish when she contracts, and as such, her latent ability is unknown.


Created with the image of 'healing wounds,' Sayaka's soul gem manifests the power of 'recovery.' To Sayaka, who has very little experience, her power of self-regeneration could be considered her only power, as her other magics are still undeveloped. Her weapons are also restricted to simple swords, highly limited in their number, power, and adaptability. Even so, Sayaka's reflexes are slightly improved, and she can use a short-duration speed-boosting magecraft, so she can at least barely reach the average level in melee capability.


Created with the image of 'survival,' Mami's soul gem manifests the power of 'anchoring,' which Mami has developed into 'binding' and 'restricting' magecraft. In addition, using her specialty to its fullest extent, Mami has trained her long-distance attack magecraft, growing into an exceedingly powerful magical girl. Acquiring various other magecrafts such as 'healing,' 'transmutation,' and 'barriers,' she could be said to have a power for almost any situation. Mami is lacking only in melee defense capability, but she covers her weak point by predicting her enemies' actions and taking countermeasures.


Created with the image of 'mesmerizing others,' Kyouko's soul gem manifests the power of 'illusion,' but since she herself denies her original wish, this power is presently sealed. Even so, she has masterful command over the combat magecraft acquired through her vast experience. In defense, she prioritizes barrier magecraft over healing abilities, and always keeps her own pace while leading her enemy around, as Kyouko prefers tactics that maintain dominance.


Her shield-like weapon is a sand-timer. It has the power to isolate a certain period of time and halt its flow as the 'sand of future' falls and becomes 'sand of past.' In exchange for having such a unique magic as its basis, other capabilities are highly limited, so Homura's tactics rely on non-magical means. Her acquired magics include 'object transportation,' 'concealment,' and 'operation of machinery,' among others.

Magical Parameters

According to a couple of tweets from Urobuchi, these were written between when the script was finished and when the storyboarding was being done, so the information is slightly outdated. It should not be taken as final.


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