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All translations courtesy of symbv from evageeks forum.

Scan Translations

Newtype 12.2011 06.JPG

Hideaki Anno (of Evangelion fame):

This is really good, Kyubey. Be it getting rid of lip-synching, or working it as a character, doing it so thoroughly makes me feel great. And the symbolization of the witches is also skillfully done. The music is also good. My urge is to own the three BGM tracks like the "salesman's theme" [editor note: refers to Kyubey's song "Sis Puella Magica"] which I love, got me to buy Vol. 2 of the Blu-Ray. Ep. 10 was good too. The way HomuHomu was depicted was good. I think in terms of the released form of anime works, going for a movie series instead of another TV series is a good way to establish it even further. I have high expectations of it.

Message from Ume Aoki, if NewType is purchased from Animate in Japan.

NewType 1.JPG

To everyone who bought this from Animate:
I am honored to draw the cover illustration of this issue for NewType!!
NewType... That NewType!!!
I am really so deeply moved!!!
It still does not feel real to me yet! (lol)
When the magazine logo goes in and then the text goes in,
What will it look like? It is so much joy to think about it <3 <3 <3
All of you must have already seen it, I guess... is it!?
Inside the magazine, as I think there is
also an exciting announcement,
please take your time and have a look.
2011 Ume Aoki

Text Translations

An early preview of this issue's contents as summarized by a fan. Subsequent scans have verified the accuracy of the described summary content.

Madoka billboard advertisement
Original text Translation
NT2011/12 アニメ「魔法少女まどか☆マギカ」劇場版プロジェクトが始動、TVシリーズを再編した前後編と完全新作の3本が NT2011/12 Anime "Puella Magi Madoka Magica" movie project is launched. 3 movies altogether: Rearrangement of the TV series into two movies and a original new work.
―概要等 ―Summary and more


  • Cover has Madoka and Homura in mahou shoujo costumes (refer to images in Amazon) [symbv: the person who did this summary may have been in a rush - Madoka is in her goddess dress on the cover - or does that counts as mahou shoujo costume too?]
  • 2 page spread (think it is from the TV anime judging from the staff and story)
  • 4 pages of interviews and brief introduction
  • 2 pages what to expect from the movie edition
  • Total 8 pages

・イラストは最初の2ページがまどかを除く4人の魔法少女(KAZUYA SHIOTUKI finish by SHAFTIP.)

・インタビューのイラストがUME AOKI(既出の物と表紙の物)、最後の2ページがETSUKO SUMITOMOとなっている
  • The illustration on the first 2 pages are the 4 mahou shoujo not including Madoka (KAZUYA SHIOTUKI finish by SHAFTIP.)
  • The illustration on the interview is from UME AOKI (pics already published before and pics used for covers). The last two pages are from ETSUKO SUMITOMO




Drawn from the conversation sessions by 4 people including Director/SHAFT: Akiyuki Shinbo, Character original design: Ume Aoki, Screenplay: Gen Urobuchi, Aniplex: Atsuhiro Iwakami



Shinbo - I was so happy that the reactions after the broadcast was much bigger than expected.
Urobuchi - Also the time when we watched the fan-made video where the characters are in 3D dance... [symbv: I wonder if it is this one:]
Shinbo - I am also very happy with the parody manga done by fans.
Urobuchi - Watching the fan activities was pure joy.



Urobuchi - After Madoka work has increased so much that it became like Jenga, and it got difficult to see where I should start.

  • I am happy as it seems the evaluation from overseas is also good.
  • I have been thinking of repaying Itano(Ichiro Itano, the director of Blassreiter) as he helped me to get into the anime industry. I wonder if I am able to fulfill in some way Itano's wish of getting Japanese anime to be considered worthy culture in overseas media.
蒼・少し仕事の依頼が増えたが、色々な人がまどかのキャラを描いてくれるなかで皆様の物になっているのは嬉しい Aoki - Commissioned work has increased a bit, but I am more happy with all kinds of people drawing Madoka's characters and make them everyone's own.


Producer Kubota - The enthusiasm of the production team was so great regarding the plot twist in ep. 3

Shinbo - I was filled with trepidation over the feedback about ep. 3, and when it became such a sensation I felt relaxed.
Kubota - At the workplace of the anime production, we got to do our work while seeing how fans reacted. Perhaps we can say that we were enjoying ourselves at the workplace so we could come up with such work.
Shinbo - Or it can be said that all the staff did their best up till the last.

岩・作品の告知と発表は3人の名前を出して短期決戦で放送に入るのが良いのではないか、と3年ぐらい前から考えていた Iwakami - Since around 3 years ago I was thinking that perhaps it is a good idea to just use the names of 3 people in the notification and announcement of a work within a short period campaign before going into broadcast.


Iwakami - Since the feedback was really great even during broadcast, since around January we started to consider a 2nd season.
Urobuchi - But the plot that was submitted (for discussion) was not sufficient to fill up one cour...
Iwakami - And there were opinions from some staff who wanted to see the TV series in a movie format, so at the end we started the movie project in which there are altogether 3 movies - 2 movies as a two-part work of a TV series rearrangement and 1 movie that is a completely new work.



Shinbo - The completely new work is a story that is suitable for a feature film. It will be a story that would be even more interesting if you know the TV series.

  • Before that I want to go through the story again with the format of a rearrangement of the TV series
  • I am thinking that the movies can be divided into groups of 2 movies and 1 movie.


Shinbo - In the TV series we were aware of the "pulling power" that got [the watcher] to eagerly anticipate the next episode. This will change in the summary version.

Iwakami - The TV series is a work that is already complete. But I think by watching the movies one can come up with a different viewpoint. If it becomes a roller-coaster movie in a true sense it will be good.
Shinbo - There is romance in the word "summary version in movie format". Be it Yamato or Gundam, for a creator the moment when he involves with the theater screen is a most happy one.
Aoki - The theater may become a Inu-Curry space.
Urobuchi - For the screenplay, there may be a need to do some work in order to fit in the length, but basically I do not plan to change the story.
Shinbo - On the sound side there will be some changes. I also think the whole cast will have to do after-recordings again.

Urobuchi - I want people to think that the rearrangement edition as a two-shot firework, and the completely new work that comes after is its continuation.


Urobuchi - For the new work, since I wrote the TV series as a fully completed story, I was unsure as to what kind of story to tell for a sequel.
  • Even after one discussion session after another there was still no decisive idea. Everyone joined in the discussions in brainstorming style.

 ・TVシリーズは脚本が先行していたので自分の世界観が中心だったが、新作は「Magica Quartet」の真骨頂と言える物になる

Urobuchi - During discussions that were centered around the 4 people here we came up with a certain idea, and I finally got the feeling that I am able to create a new work.
  • Whereas in the TV series, as the screenplay came first, my world view was at the center, in the new work it will be something that can be said to showcase the true value of the "Magica Quartet".
  • Some days ago the final draft of the screenplay for the new work was all but finished. The production work is progressing smoothly.

Shinbo - The subtitle is not decided yet.

  • I really wanted to make the title "Incubator Strikes Back".

Urobuchi - Let's ask Kyubey to do the CM...

Shinbo - I am sure Kyubey will just say "you didn't say it will be released to theaters that soon, did ya?"...


  • Headline comments from various staff

Shinbo - Personally I want to see "Fin-de-siecle Mahou Shoujo Legend"
Aoki - I am ecstatic towards the sound of the word "movie edition"
Urobuchi - Since it was brought to a full end, I missed hearing about the sequel...

Iwakami - [Expect] the fun like in a roller-coaster which you cannot get off, that you can only get in theaters
●スペシャルコメント 簡単に。
  • Special Comments (roughly)


  • Hideaki Anno: It feels good to see Kyubey to be so thoroughly worked as a symbol as well as a character. The symbolization of the witches is also skillfully done. And then the music is good. The way HomuHomu was depicted in Ep. 10 was also good. I have good expectations of the movie edition.
    [Editor's note: Complete and accurate translation is among the translated scans]
  • Hitoshi Sakoh (the bassist of Japanese rock band Galileo Galilei): The pairing of Madoka and Homura is just the best!
  • Rena Matsui (the most popular member of SKE48, sister unit of AKB48): It was a most heartfelt joy to watch scenes like the ED of ep. 10 or when Kyubey gave a speech.


Ume Aoki's illustration featured on the cover of NewType is now on the front page of the Madoka official website.


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