NewType Moving Pictures Festival 2011

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Award list published in Tokushima Shimbun

Madoka dominated the newly established Newtype x Machi ★ Asobi! The Moving Pictures Festival, as reported by this source (Japanese). Results listed in English. News of the awards list was published in the Tokushima Shimbun.

Translated list of awards:

  • Best Male Character: Rintaro Okabe
  • Best Female Character: Homura Akemi
  • Best Mascot Character: Kyubey
  • Best Screenplay: Madoka Magica
  • Best Character Design: Madoka Magica
  • Best Music: Madoka Magica
  • Best Song: Madoka Magica "Connect"
  • Best Photography: Madoka Magica
  • Best Art Direction: Madoka Magica
  • Best Color Design: Madoka Magica
  • Best Effects: Madoka Magica
  • Best Commercial: THE IDOLM@STER
  • Best Male VA: Mamoru Miyano
  • Best Female VA: Aoi Yuuki
  • Best Male Supporting VA: Keiji Fujiwara
  • Best Female Supporting VA: Chiwa Saito
  • Best Director: Akiyuki Shinbo "Madoka Magica"
  • Best Movie: Macross Frontier The Wings of Goodbye
  • Best Anime: Madoka Magica


Ume Aoki was happy to see the results published in the Tokushima Shimbun.


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