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Introduction to Kyoko

TBD 01.2011 Scan 1.jpg

Translation by symbv from evageeks forum.

This is a new character and a Mahou Shoujo. She is of amoral type and bases her actions on own gain (e.g. grief seed) more than any higher purpose.

The character's name is Sakura Kyoko and will be voiced by Asumi Kana -- Yuno in Hidamari Sketch and Makoto in Kampfer.

Translator's note: The leak [to the magazine] was overall correct but one critical detail was wrong (and thus the pic of the magazine shows wrong data) - the seiyuu for the new char Sakura Kyoko is actually a regular of SHAFT anime - Nonaka Ai, famous for voicing Fuura Kafuka in Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei (and also Konoe Konoka in Negima?!). Now I wonder whether that pic was from a preview printing and will be corrected in the actual print....

Urobuchi on Sayaka

TBD 01.2011 Scan 2.jpg

Translation by symbv from evageeks forum.

Sayaka will become a Mahou Shoujo first. She will use her wish to help Kyousuke. Urobuchi said given she is a person of action and a believer of solving problem by herself, it is a natural choice for her.

Urobuchi also said that Homura would base her actions on NOT TO LET Madoka become Mahou Shoujo. Urobuchi said that Homura wanted to resolve everything without pulling in Madoka, but she would not explain why she was so obsessed with that.

Mami's Death

Nyantype 03-01-2011.jpg

Gen Urobuchi, regarding Mami:

If this were a 26-episode show there would be more of Mami. Someone that looks exactly like Mami in a traditional hotspring maid outfit. Or something that looks like Mami in a life guard vest. That would be nice, wouldn't it? Except that I am lying. Sorry. (Urobuchi)

Regarding the story:

Mahou shoujo is a cruel task, that kind of story is what the producer believed is needed. So he asked someone who's good at stories like that. The reason he chose me was because of Fate/Zero; the style he seeks was clear to me from that point.


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