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Question 1 : What do you think of Kyubey?

  • Madoka (Aoi Yuuki): *smile* (a smile after a victory)
  • Homura (Chiwa Saito): (SHAFT head tilt)
  • Mami (Kaori Mizuhashi): Let's see, Kyubey is really my friend, so I hope everyone can get along with him a little better (ha ha ha)
  • Sayaka (Eri Kitamura): Kyu, Kyubey!!
  • Kyoko (Ai Nonaka): Such a pain. (Kyoko's voice)
  • QB (Emiri Katou): I didn't understand how you felt... I'm sorry.

Question 2 : Which one of your character's scenes has stuck in your head?

  • Madoka : After episode 3, there hasn't been an episode where Madoka hasn't cried.
  • Homura : Every scene with Homura in episode 10. Her feelings for Madoka really moved me.
  • Mami : The scene where I talked about my contract. Oh, and the transformation and battle scenes were awesome.
  • Sayaka : The scene where I say "Miracles and magic both exist". I think that's when, in some ways, "Magical Girl Sayaka Magica" started.
  • Kyoko : The line "Kuukai?". Whenever she says it, it gives me a feeling that she's opening her heart and wanting to share her food, and it makes my heart skip a beat.
  • QB : The scene where QB was shot full of holes was really shocking.

Question 3 : If you had magic, what magic would you want?

  • Madoka : I want the magic to be positive, whatever happens!
  • Homura : If I wanted magic, I'd have to become a magical girl, so I'd have to refuse the offer!
  • Mami : The power to fly!
  • Sayaka : Eternal life!
  • Kyoko : The power to make flowers bloom. That's all I really want to do.
  • QB : The magic to heal people!

Question 4 : Do you have a message for your fans?

  • Madoka : If all of you can find the message hidden in this work, I'll be very happy!
  • Homura : The answer is whatever has been left in your hearts and minds after you view this work.
  • Mami : I'd be very happy if I could meet all of you again.
  • Sayaka : Thank you very much for watching us magical girls.
  • Kyoko : It might change the way you see magical girls from now on, but I'd like you to work hard and believe that miracles and magic do exist!
  • QB : I'd be happy if everyone stopped bullying Kyubey so much *tear*, okay?


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