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Peur Ex Peccati Magica is a Puella Magi Madoka Magica based roleplay and fan site. Each character has its own account, and a user may roleplay as multiple characters. Each user may also apply to roleplay as one of the listed canon characters from Puella Magi Madoka Magica or Puella Magi Oriko Magica. However, all accounts must be approved by the forum administrators.


The RP takes place in an alternate timeline, in which witches have taken control of the planet due to a lack of successful Puella Magi. In the planet’s havocked state, Oriko Mikuni (already contracted) gathers the remaining humans and establishes a capitol. She reveals the details behind the witch attacks to the general public, allowing her to establish a firm dictatorship through fear. She creates the Peccati Militia Force, an official army that defends the capitol and leads attacks against witches.

Not everyone agrees with Oriko’s actions. Some survivors have left to live in camps outside of the capital. They are known as Renegades. While the Renegades, most of whom are contracted, also fight witches, they oppose Oriko by invading the capitol.

All original characters must choose to side with the PMF or the Renegades. However, while some canon characters have chosen affiliations, they may remain “undecided” or “neutral.”

There are some character differences from the original story. For example, Kyubey uses a humanoid form (usually male), and Kyousuke is not paralysed.

Characters who die in the roleplay may not return unless Madoka dies. In this case, the timeline resets. However, roleplayers may have multiple characters.


In order to combat the witches, Kyubey contracts boys of similar age as his original magical girls. Druids have the same abilities as Puella Magi. However, when their soul limits are surpassed or they otherwise die, everyone forgets their existence. An example would be a Druid trying to do what Kyouko did with Sayaka's witch, but no one caring due to the fact that his existence has been erased completely.


The website was started on December 26, 2011 and completed during the following week. Although the site has officially opened, the roleplay is still a work-in-progress. Thus, modifications will continue to be made to the forum content and layout.

The website's name means "magical child of sin" or "child of magic sin" in Latin and "Mahou no tsumi ko" in Japanese.

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