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"Dear mother in heaven." - From Poorfag's letters to her mother in heaven. She has no actual lines in the Anime, so this quote was donated.

Seiyū none
Age ?


  • Poorfag is a background classmate in episode 4. She does not have an official name, and fans dubbed her Poorfag. Some fans call her Poor-chan or Poorfag-chan.
    • She rapidly gained popularity among Japanese fans as well, who proposed to call her Binbou-chan (貧乏ちゃん)
  • What makes her appeal to many fans is that everyone except her is using a laptop to complete their school work. This led to a joke image macro of "Poorfags gonna poor." What started out as a simple joke has since become quite popular, even getting Poorfag her own mini comic and fanart.
  • She was first noticed in general thread #92. The image macro then appeared in thread #96. Her popularity exploded after BD2 was released.


  • She is actually rich enough to afford a Toshiba Libretto W100. That is no Zaku book, no Zaku book!
  • Fans believe that she does not have a laptop because she is too poor to afford one.
  • Despite the destitution she endures, Poorfag is an honorable, innocent, and generous girl who remains positive and make the best of her circumstances. Since she is so resistant to despair, her soul has no value to Kyubey.
  • She is attending school on a full scholarship.
  • She lives in a cardboard box
  • The person who first mentioned she lived in a cardboard box stated he was inspired by the main character of the manga Hekikai no AiON
  • Some fans believe that Poorfag is a miracle of the Universe. Kyubey's civilization created an artificial human to gather all the despairs and miseries of the world withing herself while everything else remained in equilibrium. What they did not expect was that she would continue to give the world her smile of hope while surrounded in misery. Kyubey considered this experiment to be a failed attempt at creating a misfortune-gathering artificial little female homosapien for the Incubators. She turn out to be too optimistic and it nullified all despairs within her soul. The project was scrapped and she was abandoned on the planet, today she is a student writing letters to her "Mother in Heaven" (the sky aliens).
  • Yurifans believe that she is the answer to Mami's loneliness. Mami comes from a wealthy background yet she is all alone so she is emotionally starving for affection and friends (she is filling with despair). Some fans suspect that Poorfag is not only poor but she has no friends and no family to support her financially and emotionally, so she is all by herself yet she has the courage and a cheerful smile to face the world on her own (she is beaming with hope). Mami could take Poorfag into her home, take care of her, provide for her. and Mami would receive the emotional affection and the intimacy that she desperately needs. Poorfag would not only be financially supported by Mami but she would also receive the emotional affection and support from another person that has been absent all along (other than her mother in heaven).
  • They would complement each other nicely, Mami would receive emotional support that she needs so she wont fall into despair, and Poorfag would receive the financial support to allow her to move up into the world and perhaps one day inspire others to believe in miracles. Plus, Poorfag would have a real friend and a lover so she wont need to worry her mother in heaven, since Poorfag wont be alone anymore.
  • This would basically mean that Mami would become Poorfag Sugar Mammies.
  • But since she meets Mami in the timeline which the anime plays in she will soon be alone again. If she engages a relationship with Mami in the new world is currently unknown
  • Poorfag would get a laptop
  • Kaiji Itou is her:
Father (but he is too young!)
Lover (but he is too old!)
Onii-chan (...)
Childhood friend
A stranger that she keeps giving him all her money because she feels sorry for him (;_;)
  • The consensus by some fans is that they are lovers and they are brushing aside their age differences as a problem (despite the fact than an adult is dating an underage schoolgirl).
  • "Poorfag is mai waifu" ~from 4chan.
  • Poorfag's popularity continues to grow and her fan base is rapidly expanding, to the point that many fans are already claiming that she is their fictional wife. Not bad for a background character that had nothing to begin with.
  • Observers believe that Poorfag is just too much of a nice girl to accept anyone's love; instead she would kindly suggest her fans to find someone more worthy of their love as she believes herself to be unworthy of admirers. Why is she such a nice girl?

  • Two words: Spin off. "Puella Miserabilis Poorfag Magica"
  • A new theory suggests that her laptop may have been aquired via a contract with Kyubey. This may tie her with the witch Elly, since both have computer like themes.


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