Pre-Broadcast November Advertisement

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Madoka Pre-Broadcast Advertisement

The videos for these commercials can be viewed on the official site [1]. Madoka CM動画3, Homura CM動画4, Mami CM動画5 , Sayaka CM動画6.

Pre Production Advertisement 11.2010.jpg

Madoka character advertisements before broadcast, around November 2010.

"A gentle 2nd year middle school girl who thinks of friends before herself."

"If anything could be granted with a magic…"

"What would you do?"

Starts January, 2011.

Pre Production Advertisement Homura 11.2010.jpg

""A beautiful-looking transferred student with excellent grades, great at sports."

"Just be Kaname Madoka like you've always been."

"Even from now on."

Pre Production Advertisement Mami 11.2010.jpg

"A 3rd year girl who attends Madoka's school"

"As a dependable older sister."

"It's OK now."

Pre Broadcast Advertisement Sayaka 11.2010.jpg

"Madoka's classmate and a close friend. Energetic and lively."

"I'm going to deal with her if she starts poking her nose into it."

"Even if Mami-san is there."


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