Puella Magi Madoka Magica 4Koma Anthology 3

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Volume 3 Cover

The third published volume of the 4Koma Anthology series. Released on August 11, 2013, featuring cover art by Akio Watanabe, character designer for Monogatari series.



Note: The translations of the titles and the author's names may be incorrect, so take the translations below with a grain of salt.

Page Title Author Featuring
Cover Cover 4koma モタ Mami
(untitled) モタ Homura
Inner Cover 4koma Manga 3 すか Madoka
009 Homuhomu's Sayaka-chan Life Fulfillment Strategy 柚木涼太 Homura
015 Parallel ☆ Magica 華々つぼみ Holy Quintet
023  Intermission Special 4koma 施川ユウキ Sayaka, Madoka
025 Super Dimension Magical Girl Homura おーみや Homura
033 Witch Tracking and Fruit Parfaits ms Madoka, Homura
041 Kyubey and Druken Love Counselling くろば・U Junko, Kyubey
047 Madokajicker オトウフ Madoka, Mami
055  Intermission special 4koma 施川ユウキ Madoka
057 I Want to be Mami-san! 井上かーく Madoka, Sayaka
065 Magical Girl Cooking in 3 Minutes ぺけ Holy Quintet
073 Outfit Design Meeting そと Holy Quintet
081  Intermission special 4koma 施川ユウキ Madoka
083 The New Part-Timer, Kyouko-Chan やとさきはる Kyouko
091 I Know, Let's Get a Pet! みずみ Madoka, Kyubey
099 With Sayaka-chan! こるり Madoka, Sayaka
107  Intermission special 4koma 施川ユウキ Kyubey

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