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Special Edition of KyouSaya e-mook, comes with alt. illustration and tote bag


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Ume-sensei's letter

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Ume-sensei's letter to kyousaya.jpg

In the last episode of the TV series, when Sayaka disappeared due to the Law of Cycles, I was happy to hear Kyouko say "And we finally became friends, too...". In her last scene (in the concert hall), though, she didn't mention Kyouko.

Even in the pre-Law-of-Cycles timelines, when Sayaka became Oktavia, she identified Madoka as her "most important friend" just before becoming a witch.

There's something powerful about the image of Kyouko and Sayaka as a duo, but in the TV series, I don't think the strength of Sayaka's feelings for Kyouko and vice versa were well-balanced. Kyouko felt very strongly about Sayaka, since Sayaka reminded her of herself when she was younger. Sayaka, on the other hand, just saw Kyouko as "another person who wished for someone else's happiness". (Of course, that was why, in the very end, it was Kyouko to whom Sayaka spoke about how she really felt at the very end.)

And now, The Rebellion Story!! When I heard the two of them talking towards the end, it made me think. This version of Sayaka was aware of post-Oktavia Kyouko. She was aware of how much Kyouko suffered trying to bring her back; of how Kyouko died with her in the end! Wow! Of course, I'm just one fan, and that's just what I got out of the movie, so I can't say I know what Mr. Urobuchi thought about it [laughter], but I was just thinking that she, like Madoka, knew what Kyouko did back then, since she's part of the Law of Cycles, too. This time around, it was Kyouko that said "I had a horrible dream", and it was she that didn't quite remember what had happened. That works, too...

Oh, it looks like I've written a lot here. Now, a message for Kyouko and Sayaka: "Be friends with one another forever! Stay on good terms!!!"... come on, that was just one line! [laughter]

I love Kyouko and Sayaka as a duo! -Aoki Ume

How Sayaka Are You?

Scan 19.jpeg

How Sayaka Are You?

You look up to defenders of justice. You'll do anything for the people you love.

Figure out how much Miki Sayaka you've got in you with these 20 questions.

Put a check in the ones that fit you, and measure your Sayakaness!

  • You look up to heroes
  • You might not have any talents that are superior to the average person
  • You're more athletically-inclined than academically-inclined
  • You're friendly and sociable
  • You sometimes overthink social situations
  • You have a strong sense of what's just and what's unjust
  • You tend to finish your homework or assigned tasks as soon as possible.
  • You love doing things for people you love.
  • You often look back on things you did, realize you did them wrong, and regret that you did so.
  • You get frustrated and deliberately say things to hurt other people.
  • Most of your friends are the same gender as you
  • You sometimes have difficulty thinking straight when romance comes into the picture
  • You're attracted to people of the other gender who have a goal and work hard towards it
  • People who are wishy-washy about decisions irritate you
  • You prefer to help rather than be helped
  • You believe that miracles and magic exist
  • You might be a bit naive
  • There's nothing you hate more than regret
  • You're generally an optimist
  • When a friend and the person you love get involved, you find yourself unable to express your own feelings

>Less than 3 items

Sayakaness: 0/5 (0%)

You're bashful, but you care about your friends. You're probably more Madoka than anything! Your mere presence makes your friends calm. You're a mediator and a pacifist. You hate conflict. There will be times when you just can't manage to be meek, whereupon you'll have to put your foot down and be decisive.

>4-8 items

Sayakaness: 2/5 (30%)

You love girly things. You're damsel Sayaka! For the most part, you have an unexceptional personality, but the truth is that you love all the things that young girls love. You're proactive about finding love, but you might find rivals where you don't expect them. If you keep a cool head, you'll be able to overcome any hardships you encounter.

>9-13 items

Sayakaness: 3/5 (50%)

You're popular with the boys and the girls. You're unisex Sayaka! You have both a stouthearted, boyish side and a cute, Madoka-esque side to you. The boys like you, and so do the girls. You have a few delicate aspects to you, though. Don't bottle them up - spill your heart out to those friends you can trust.

>14-18 items

Sayakaness: 4/5 (80%)

You're equipped with clear thought and the will to action. You're utility Sayaka! Once you've given sufficient thought to something, you'll step right into action. Your coworkers and your friends all see that you're impressive. You're a bit hardheaded, but that's just proof that you're resilient. If you listen to what people have to say about you, you'll become even more reliable!

>19 or more items

Sayakaness: 5/5 (100%)

You're boyish and athletic. You're inspirational Sayaka! You're a dyed-in-the-wool idealist - basically Sayaka herself. Tons of people trust you, thanks to your ability to be forward and proactive about getting things done. You have some worries that you keep hidden from others, since you're a perfectionist. Deal with things one by one and you'll be in great shape.

How Kyouko Are You?

Scan 21.jpeg

How Kyouko Are You?

You want to live a life without regrets. There's something dear to you that you want to protect...

Figure out how much Sakura Kyouko you've got in you with these 20 questions.

Put a check in the ones that fit you, and measure your Kyoukoness!

  • You like candy and other snacks
  • When you stop by somewhere on the way home from school, you prefer fast food or ramen
  • You can't see eye to eye with people who waste food
  • You're nimble and quick on your feet
  • You've been called a "tsundere"
  • Against your better judgment, you often watch so much TV that your homework or assigned tasks remain uncompleted until just before the deadline
  • There's something dear to you that you want to protect
  • You consider yourself to be good at going with the flow
  • You'll do anything for your family or the people you like
  • You want to live a life without regrets
  • You're proud of the way you live
  • You can easily open up to just about anybody
  • You care about your friends more than anyone else does (even if you don't show it)
  • Even if there's no way you'll succeed, you don't like giving up
  • You love stories in which love and courage win the day
  • You prefer boyish girls to cutesy ones.[1]
  • You don't want to let your friends be alone
  • You like being a free bird, but at the same time, you admire deep friendship and powerful love
  • You want to live your life for your own sake, at least as much as you can
  • There are some people you just can't forget

>Less than 3 items

Kyoukoness: 0/5 (0%)

You don't let emotions influence you. You're a coolheaded Homura! Unlike Kyouko, you aren't one for empathy. You rarely fail, and you have no serious regrets. You're a systematic thinker, and you might have what it takes to bring about change. You're a bit too cold, though. Beware that you don't make too many enemies.

>4-8 items

Kyoukoness: 2/5 (30%)

You're good at analyzing things and getting the results you want. You're utilitarian Kyouko! You're a realist. You never hesitate to make a decision. It's not that you hate people, though - so you should try to be a bit more straightforward about expressing how you feel. You might be on your way to understanding that human relationships might be more important than mere utility.

>9-13 items

Kyoukoness: 3/5 (50%)

You can deal with any people and any situation. You're sociable Kyouko! You're good at dealing with people, and you have a childish side to you. People love you so much that you have trouble finding any enemies. You're full of energy, but you have a hair trigger. When things go wrong, stay calm and give yourself time to heal.

>14-18 items

Kyoukoness: 4/5 (80%)

You're proactive, coolheaded, decisive, and successful. You're brainy Kyouko! You're physically active and have some fancy footwork. You come off as cool even before you do anything. You can achieve success in even the greatest matters, making few errors along the way. You're easily swayed by others, however, so do take care that you don't let others influence you too much.

>19 or more items

Kyoukoness: 5/5 (100%)

You're brimming with friendship, and people can count on you. You're big sister Kyouko! You act like a lone wolf, but you really do love people. Once you've made a friend, you'll never abandon them. You tend to act on instinct, and so you do often regret what you've done. That's not necessarily a bad thing, though.


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