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Madoka Magica (manga) is hanokage's manga adaptation of Gen Urobuchi's original scenario that covers the events of the anime.

Puella Magi Madoka Magica Manga Volume 1 Afterword

Source: Shini-tan Scans [1]

Madoka Magica vol01 145.jpg

Puella Magi Madoka Magica Manga Volume 3 Afterword

Source: Shini-tan Scans [2]


Alternative Translation by symbv from evageeks.forum.


Thank you very much for reading Puella Magi Madoka Magika vol.3. Because of the page arrangement I am writing the afterword just before the last episode. This time I stuffed as much contents as possible so there is simply no blank page left.

How should I put it...I drew it while the anime was still being aired, and this vol.3 was what I did when I indulged in my interests and total freedom with splendid negligence of the settei (design) in vol.1 & 2. I am sure there are lots to be criticized. Please be tolerant and turn a blind eye... As before, the tempo of the story is quick. Because I got more pages than the standard format allowed (thanks to the editors), I managed to draw as much as I liked with original elements etc in this final volume.

There is reason for the difference of the fight scenes in manga and in anime. In anime they were done so perfectly in every bit that I did not think I could create the same in limited number of pages. So I just let it go and moved it in manga to a direction that was a bit different. The result seems to be the product of some unconventional evolution following additional works done on the screenplay and the storyboard (for vol.3 I also checked the storyboard). It is like "Regarding the weapons, their shapes and the moves involved, could I change them all? Yes, change it as you like!". If you compare the fight scenes in Ep.5 and Ep.9, you may find various links between them.

Since Puella Magi Madoka Magika manga is not manga adaptation of the anime, but instead an unusual form of a manga adaptation derived from the screenplay, so please read it with an open mind -- and understand that such depiction can also be possible after you watched the anime. You could view it as the story being the same in anime and manga but with somewhat different depiction, in other words 2 parallel worlds.

And now welcome to the final episode. It would be great if we have the opportunity to meet again somewhere.


Summary of the settei (design) coming out from vol.3 (lol) that are different from anime:

-- QB/Incubator Although at first look it seems to be full of facial expressions and seems to have emotions, it is only a simulated expression that it used as a means to communicate to human in a natural way. When the color of its eyes changes, it lets out its real nature and it does not show any expression.

-- Homura/shield When the time is stopped, the central part will turn into a sand timer. When the time is reversed, cogwheels appear and the sand inside will turn upside down and flow back.

-- Kyoko/spear A spear that can go long and short as well as change shape at will. Whereas in anime it turns into a multi-segment club, in manga it turns into a whip. The shape has a cross motive.

-- Mami/musket In many ways it was based on the anime (lol) The tie-and-bind magic uses a tsuta effect as befits Mami.

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