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Cover of the omnibus edition

A novel adaption of Puella Magi Madoka Magica published by Nitro+, using the original animation's series composition/script written by Gen Urobuchi. Nitro+'s Hajime Ninomae is the author, with Yuupon as the illustrator.

The novel is split into two volumes, each 304-pages and 328-pages long respectively. It was officially released as a limited edition with a third volume of 32 full-color pages on August 14, 2011. A pre-release was held at Comiket 80 between August 12 and August 14, 2011.[1][2] The limited edition includes a mini booklet of illustrations and a metal Kyubey bookmark.

The novel appears to be a re-telling of the events of the anime, primarily with a first-person narrative from Madoka's perspective and additional background information, like her early childhood with Sayaka. Chapter 10 and the epilogue however are written from Homura's perspective.

The two volumes were also combined into a single 532-page paperback novel featuring a new cover illustration by Ume Aoki. It was released on May 8, 2012.

Volume 1 contents

Original title English titles from the Novel
第一章 「夢の中で逢った、ような・・・・・・」 Chapter 1 "As If I Met Her In My Dreams..." (Vol. 1 p9)
第二章 「それはとっても嬉しいなって」 Chapter 2 "That Would Make Me Really Happy" (Vol. 1 p67)
第三章 「わたしなんかで、良かったら」 Chapter 3 "If There Is Anything I Can Do For You" (Vol. 1 p119)
第四章 「そんなの、聞いてない」 Chapter 4 "I Never Heard About Such Things" (Vol. 1 p163)
第五章 「わたしが心を決める時」 Chapter 5 "When I Make Up My Mind" (Vol. 1 p201)
第六章 「こんなの絶対おかしいよ」 Chapter 6 "This Just Isn't Right" (Vol. 1 p243)
解説 Commentary (Written by Romeo Tanaka)

Volume 2 contents

Original title English titles from the Novel
第七章 「本当の気持ちと向き合えますか?」 Chapter 7 "Can You Face Your True Feelings?" (Vol. 2 p9)
第八章 「わたし、サイテーだよ」 Chapter 8 "I Am The Worst" (Vol. 2 p47)
第九章 「友達なんて、いないんだから」 Chapter 9 "I Don't Have Any Friends" (Vol. 2 p89)
第十章 「もう誰にも頼らない」 Chapter 10 "I Won't Depend On Anyone Anymore" (Vol. 2 p143)
第十一章 「あなたも、わたし」 Chapter 11 "You and Me" (Vol. 2 p217)
エピローグ「最高の友達」 Epilogue "My Best Friend" (Vol. 2 p289)
あとがき Afterword


This appears to be a flashback to Madoka and Sayaka's early childhood, showing the novel contains new material that was not presented in either the anime or manga.

Excerpt 1

"Are you alright?"
There was a child holding out their hand.
At first I didn't know whether this child was a boy or a girl.
Short hair, sleeves and pants.
With the hand in her pocket [...]
However, one day I suddenly noticed.
"You can have this, Madoka."
"Madoka, let's play today."
"Don't bully Madoka!"
Right, the Sayaka that was always concerned about me and tried to protect me [...]

Excerpt 2

Luckily, we were always placed in the same class up to this point, however, there's no guarantee that this will always be that way. We talked about getting into the same high school, even though that also is not a certainty, since we might drift apart someday. I wonder if one day I will become a real friend of Sayaka...
These were the thoughts I always had.
And now....
Sayaka, who suffered alone, decided alone to make a contract with Kyubey. Kamijo's arm was healed in exchange for her becoming a magical girl. Without knowing whether she'll be eaten by a witch one day, she fights every night in dangerous places, alone and without allies. And then, because I was being the coward I always am, the scene of Mami's death [...]


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