Sakura Church

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Sakura church
Interior of the main chapel.


A detail of the parishioner's benches and the stained glass wall.
Sakura church in the Portable game.

A church originally ran and presided by Kyoko Sakura's father. The main chapel -- the only part of the interior shown in present day. It is heavily damaged due to years of neglect and decay. The church's architecture is similar to that of the Canterbury cathedral. The anime and game imply that the Sakura family once lived either near or on the premises. They also imply this may be the location where Kyoko's parents and younger sister died. In anime Episode 7, Kyoko brings Sayaka here to tell Sayaka about her past.

The structure makes a reappearance in the movie version.


It was suspected in the anime to be located in Mitakihara Town.

Drama CD
The drama CD "Farewell Story", where Kyoko hailed from neighboring Kazamino City, implied the church was located there.

Portable Game
The game shows it either to be on the edge of Mitakihara City or in Kazamino City.

In the Madoka Magica Portable Game

  • Kyoko would frequently visit the abandoned and run-down church and defended it against threats ranging from criminal gangs to familiars.
  • Whichever city the church is located, Kyoko believed it would be in danger of being destroyed by Walpurgis Night. It was one of the reasons she justified fighting Walpurgis.
  • In Kyoko's route, Kyoko places Mami's grave in sight of Sakura Cathedral in the back.


  • The Madoka PSP game's world map gives the approximate location of the Sakura Church, which may or may not be the same as the anime.
    • The Sakura Church is located to the outskirts of the eastern part of either Mitakihara City or in Kazamino City. The game world map shows that the industrial district is located to the north. Not far from it is the Observation Tower.
    • In Puella Magi Madoka Magica: The Different Story a news broadcast indicates that a private residence in Kazamino City was caught on fire, inside the residency they found the bodies of the three members of the Sakura family. According with police the residents were forced in a multiple suicide act but the broadcast doesn't mention any other details. It is not known if the police suspected Kyoko's father as the perpetrator, or if the private residency was the Sakura Church. The manga seems to leave a strong impression that the Sakura Church functioned as their private residence as well.