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This article is an unconfirmed theory. Please do not treat it as a fact.
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Kyouko looking evil

A rather ridiculous and far-fetched theory built from liberal interpretations of her character design:

  • A single visible fang on a character has long been an indicator of mischief; this fits Kyouko's playfully sociopathic nature perfectly. However, in a few shots she has also appeared with two fangs, highly atypical of this motif.
  • Her words and actions give her a highly predatory aura; additionally, she compares the witch hunting situation to a food chain and looks down on other Puella Magi, possibly suggesting that she is (or believes herself to be) "higher on the food chain."
  • One trait that creates her predatory aura, constant eating, also implies insatiability. Coupled with her relentlessness in quenching her thirst for Grief Seeds even at the cost of innocent lives, another source of magical energy would help permeate this insatiability.
  • She has so far been the only Puella Magi who has openly attacked another with the intent to harm or kill (Mami only intended to restrain Homura when she chained her up); this corresponds to vampires preying on "their (formerly) own kind."
  • Her hair and outfit's post-transformation color palette make heavy use of a dull red and the designs around and under her Soul Gem look vaguely like simple occult symbols (embellishments the other girls lack). Additionally, the black ribbon in her normal form might be an abstraction of bat-like wings.