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Variation A wins

Variation A's the only accurate one if you include all the evidence in the anime...

As we learned from Sayaka's regeneration, the power's are linked to your absolute wish.

Homura's wish was to redo her meeting with Madoka.

In all instances in the anime, she only demonstrates Pausing of time. No rewinds, or fast-forwards. And the pauses could only be maintained for a small duration too, otherwise, Kyubey would have never been able to make contact with Madoka.

From the anime, we can only support 2 time-based concrete functions of Homura's time-disk thingie. (and one space-based)

1. Reset time to the morning when Homura transfers into Madoka's class - Wish

2. Temporarily freeze time - Combat use

3. Hammer Space - Her infinitely large inventory bag - No idea why she gets this.

If she had the capacity to "save" or reverse moments, she wouldn't have as much trouble like when Mami binds her.

The dream being referred could merely be repercussions of Homura's time travel. Sort of like a "De Ja Vu." But, like all the other details provided by Variations B through E, is entirely speculation without solid support and therefore a weaker claim.

JunYee 06:22, 23 April 2011 (UTC)