Suzune Magica Chapter 1

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This section may contain major spoilers!

Please refrain from reading if you are not yet familiar with all the latest media released.

The story begins with Suzune Amano fighting through a witch's barrier in an abandoned factory. At the same time, a lone magical girl named Kanami struggles against the witch, as she isn't able to cut it down completely before it can regenerate itself. However, Suzune appears, easily defeating the witch, bringing down the barrier. Kanami approaches Suzune and thanks Suzune for saving her, saying that Suzune's fire magic was cool. The two introduce themselves, and Kanami puts out her hand to exchange a handshake, only to be killed when Suzune slashes through the soul gem on her neck. Suzune then bids Kanami farewell, leaving.

Some time later, we see three girls — Arisa Narumi, Chisato Shion, and Matsuri Hinata — attending Akanegasaki Middle School, with Arisa complaining, Chisato lecturing her on the importance of school and how Arisa should be grateful that she's lucky enough to have this opportunity, and Matsuri excited to see her friends once again. They exchange brief greetings with Haruka Kanade, a senior on the school council performing a morning greeting exercise. Haruka explains that it's a way of making sure of everyone's attendance, and tells Arisa to be sure not to arrive late. The four then depart for classes, with Arisa and Chisato continuing onto maths class, and Matsuri to PE. On the way, however, the rabbit charm on Matsuri's bag breaks off and falls to the floor next to a girl's feet. The girl picks up the charm and gives it to Matsuri, who thanks her in return — revealing the girl's identity as Suzune.