Suzune Magica Chapter 2

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This section may contain major spoilers!

Please refrain from reading if you are not yet familiar with all the latest media released.

One morning, Suzune is seen delivering newspapers in the neighbourhood. She arrives home to her home at Yunagi Newspaper, the local newspaper business. Suzune turns down one of her senior's offer of breakfast, saying she already bought some, and departs to get changed for school. When she leaves, the two seniors discuss Suzune and how she is hard-working and mature, leaving her parents at such a young age to live alone. While changing, Suzune reads the newspaper, which mentions a murder case of a third victim inside an abandoned factory, referring to Kanami.

At school, Suzune passes by two girls discussing a local rumor of a "Ripper girl". The rumor says that if you walk alone late at night, you will hear the sound of a bell before a girl in a long coat appears and asks for your name. When you answer her, she then cuts you to shreds with a knife. During maths class, Suzune is seen writing "Kanami" on a small piece of paper and putting it in her shirt pocket.

After class, Suzune is approached by Matsuri, who asks if they can walk home together. The two make conversation, with Matsuri learning that Suzune lives at Yunagi Newspaper. Suzune questions why Matsuri cares about her, to which Matsuri replies that she just wants to get along and become friends. However, the conversation is interrupted when Haruka calls Matsuri by telepathy, requesting that she come to the roof of the school for a group meeting. Suzune questions Matsuri's silence, with Matsuri replying that she just remembered that she had something to do, and leaving.

On the roof, the Hohzuki quartet discusses the rumor of the Ripper. Haruka mentions a story linked to the rumor, of serial murders that started occurring in a neighbouring city a month ago. She also mentions that she heard from a journalist who was an acquaintance of her father that while the news reports talked about the causes of death being gashes made by a huge knife, in reality the wounds seemed to be made from a far bigger weapon that an ordinary knife; as Haruka says this, Matsuri immediately clings to Chisato out of fear. Haruka also mentions a detail that the news reports covered, that the victims were all teenage girls.

Chisato immediately points out how inexplicable that is. Arisa, however, excitedly proposes that the Ripper is in reality some gloomy old girl with a chainsaw who snapped because he couldn't deal with girls, to which Matsuri comments on how carefree Arisa is being. Chisato says that the culprit must be a witch, to which Haruka says that they're still lacking conclusive evidence, and it'll be better if they were careful, but that they shouldn't worry.

That night, the girls meet up again to go on patrol of the city. Haruka tells them that the girls must contact the others immediately if they find a witch barrier, like usual, and that they should be careful about the matter they discussed, referring to the Ripper. The girls then all transform into magical girls, ready to head out.

Some time later, Chisato is seen patrolling an area alone, commenting that it seems clear. Arisa communicates with her, asking how she is going: Chisato replies that nothing is strange, and asks the same of Arisa. Arisa comments that nothing's strange on her end, and that she wants to finish up quickly so she can go home and take a shower. Chisato replies that she's feeling the same way, and is feeling spooked about the Ripper rumor, enough that she wants to quit. Arisa jumps on this, teasing that Chisato's pretending to be all cool, but is actually scared. Chisato tells her to shut up and be quiet, but is interrupted when she hears a ringing of a bell. Chisato immediately asks who's there, pointing one of her pistols in the direction of the sound. Nothing happens, leaving Chisato worried, yet sure that she heard something... until Suzune suddenly appears behind her, asking for her name.

Meanwhile, Arisa tries to contact Chisato, but is getting no response. She immediately calls Haruka and Matsuri about the problem; Haruka tells Arisa to search for Chisato around the area she was patrolling, and that she and Matsuri will join Arisa once they've met up.

Suzune asks Chisato again for her name. Chisato replies that she doesn't have an obligation to answer Suzune, to which Suzune comments on what a shame that is.

Arisa is searching Chisato's area when she comes across Chisato and Suzune. At first she doesn't see what's going on, and asks Suzune who is she and what she's doing there with Chisato. Suzune turns towards Arisa, revealing that she's stabbed Chisato right through with her sword. Suzune removes her sword and Chisato falls to the ground, her magical girl outfit dissolving, bleeding out on the ground.

Arisa, shocked, asks what's going on, to which Suzune replies that Chisato is dead. Arisa, in denial, asks if Suzune is playing some sort of sadist trick on her and if she's Chisato's friend. Suzune coolly replies that she isn't lying, and that Chisato was killed painlessly. Arisa snaps out of her reverie and turns angry, charging at Suzune with her scythe at the ready while screaming. Arisa goes on the offense, trying to cut Suzune with her scythe, with Suzune dodging her every move, making Arisa more and more frustrated. She manages to cut Suzune in half vertically, but the Suzune is a fake, with the real Suzune about to strike from behind. Arisa manages to turn around and block the attack in time.

Meanwhile, Matsuri tells Haruka that she heard Arisa's voice, and points Haruka in the direction she heard Arisa from. The two move quickly, with Haruka apprehensive that neither Chisato and Arisa are responding.

Suzune manages to knock a beaten-up Arisa to the ground, and asks for her name.

Matsuri and Haruka arrive at the scene, where they see Chisato lying dead on the ground. Matsuri sees Arisa's attacker, and realizes that it's Suzune. Haruka comments on how the rumor was in fact about a magical girl, and immediately interrogates Suzune on her identity and reasons for killing. Suzune refuses to answer her questions, saying that Haruka's better off not knowing why. Haruka immediately tells Matsuri that she'll distract Suzune with her magic, and that Matsuri should secure Arisa while Suzune is distracted, saying that she has a feeling that fighting Suzune right now is too dangerous.

Haruka calls Suzune's attention with a charm, making Suzune attack her. Haruka defends quickly, with Suzune telling her that it's pointless and that Haruka will reach her limit eventually. Haruka releases her spell on Suzune, making Suzune freeze. Matsuri immediately calls that she has Arisa, and that they should escape. Suzune tries to stop her, but Matsuri shines a bright light from her gauntlets at Suzune, blinding her. Under the cover of the light, Haruka and Matsuri escape with Arisa far away, to a park.

Matsuri lies a normal form Arisa on a bench, commenting that she's still breathing, and that she's fainted. Haruka brings up the situation with Chisato and Suzune, and Matsuri tells her that Suzune is one of her classmates. As Haruka is shocked that the murderer is someone from their school, Matsuri tells her that Suzune only transferred in recently.

Kyubey then appears to the girls. Haruka asks where he's been, to which he says that he had something to do. Kyubey continues, saying that Suzune can hide her presence, and he wishes he could have informed the Hohzuki girls before. Matsuri questions why Suzune is doing such a thing, to which Kyubey replies that he doesn't understand why either. He says that, while Suzune had a lot of talent, from one moment on she aimed for magical girls.

Kyubey then says that there's one thing he's sure of: that right now, Suzune is their natural enemy: a magical girl assassin.