Suzune Magica Chapter 4

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This section may contain major spoilers!

Please refrain from reading if you are not yet familiar with all the latest media released.

The next chapter begins with Chisato's funeral. Arisa, wearing a funeral outfit, is seen nearby two people lamenting Chisato's death, saying that she was such a good girl. Arisa leaves and meets up with Haruka and Matsuri, also dressed in funeral wear.

Haruka says it's a shame about what happened to Chisato. Arisa accuses Haruka of leaving Chisato behind; Haruka counters that it was the best decision in that situation, and that Chisato was already dead. Arisa yells that maybe Chisato was still alive, but Haruka says that even if Chisato had survived such a severe wound, she may not have even able to run, and asks what Arisa would have done if Chisato was dead, saying that even if Arisa had brought back her corpse, there is nothing they could have done for her.

Haruka continues, saying that as magical girls, danger is always at their side, and that Arisa of all of them should know that best. Arisa, angered, asks if they couldn't at least have fought until the last minute, and yells that running away with their tails between their legs was just like leaving Chisato to die. Matsuri counters that if none of them had run, they'd all have been killed by Suzune. Arisa says that she knows that, but trails off.

Arisa then approaches Haruka, grabbing her by the lapels of her jacket, and asks Haruka if she's their leader and if she's perfect. Arisa continues, saying that Haruka can do anything that's expected of her, before saying that that's what Chisato always admired about her, as she breaks down crying. Haruka, beginning to cry herself, says that she regrets leaving Chisato behind as well. Matsuri, uncomfortable, tells the two to stop.

At school, another student — possibly one of Haruka's classmates — is doing a budget calculation with Haruka; however, Haruka is spacing out, distracted by Arisa's words. The girl rouses Haruka, redirecting her to the task at hand. Haruka makes an inaccurate calculation, and is shocked that she'd do such a thing when the girl points out the inaccuracy. The girl asks if something happened to Haruka, saying she's acting kind of weird today, that regardless of what she asks, it seems like Haruka's mind is elsewhere, that Haruka's usually far more disciplined, and that it's not like her at all to be so spaced-out. Haruka, disturbed by this, leaves immediately, ignoring the other girl saying that they have a meeting afterwards.

Haruka walks right out of school; her exit does not go unnoticed by Suzune. In the city, Haruka laments that what the girl and Arisa said was wrong, that she's just pretending to be amazing, and that she's not perfect at all. Distracted, Haruka walks into an alley and right into a witch's barrier. Berating herself for her carelessness, Haruka prepares to transform. As she does so, her soul gem is seen, heavily corrupted.

Arisa and Matsuri are next seen in the city. Matsuri questions Arisa where they're going; Arisa replies reluctantly that they're looking for Haruka. Matsuri, delighted, says it would be nice if they could make up. Arisa, slightly embarrassed, says that it's not like that and that she just thought she might have said a bit too much. Matsuri, annoyed, says that Arisa just can't be honest with herself, and Arisa tells her to shut up, and that she just wanted to apologize, so that's what she's going to do. Arisa continues, saying that what happened to Chisato wasn't Haruka's fault, and that if she'd noticed what was going on sooner — if she'd been stronger — then Chisato would've been saved; Arisa had been the closest to Chisato, after all.

Meanwhile, Haruka is fighting the witch in a barrier resembling a stage. Immediately detecting the source as a box with closed, crying eyes on it, Haruka immediately goes in for the kill. However, the eyes open, and Haruka is splashed with a torrent of some sort of liquid. After apparently pulling her inside the box, the witch reaches inside Haruka's mind despite her protests, calling up memories from her past.

In these memories, a younger Haruka is seen finishing a drawing of her and her family, saying that it's the best she's done so far. Haruka goes to show her parents, but they're busy, complimenting her older sister Kanata Kanade over her success in some contests she entered, that she's talented at everything she does, and that they're incredibly proud of her. Haruka backs away, remembering that no one expects anything of her, before crumpling the drawing into a ball and throwing it away.

Haruka is next seen, alone in a playground, sitting on a swing. She laments how regardless of how hard she tries, Kanata always effortlessly exceeds her. Haruka is approached by Kanata, who is smiling as she always does. Kanata tells Haruka to come home, as it's dinner time, and their parents are getting worried. Haruka quietly accuses Kanata of lying; Kanata asks what's wrong, saying that Haruka has been in a bad mood today. Kanata then smiles, saying that something must be troubling Haruka, and that she can tell Kanata anything. Haruka, angered by this, yells that Kanata doesn't understand her feelings at all, and that she hates Kanata.

In the present, Arisa and Matsuri are still searching for Haruka. Arisa mentions that Haruka suddenly left school, so they don't have any more info. Arisa then asks Matsuri if they can use her search powers to look for Haruka; Matsuri replies that it's for support in battle, that just searching for people is not quite the same, and around a time like this it would be better if they searched around on their own.

Arisa then notices a girl ahead of them in their school uniform, before recognizing her as Suzune. Arisa charges forward, ignoring Matsuri telling her to wait; Arisa follows Suzune into the alley, transforming, ready to strike with her scythe. Suzune notices her, transforming to, blocking Arisa's attack with her scythe. Matsuri then catches up with Arisa.

Arisa spins her scythe, saying that while she doesn't know why Suzune is doing the "mysterious transfer student thing", it's fine with her, because Suzune is Chisato's enemy, and that this time, Arisa will crush her. Suzune coolly says that Arisa can't defeat her, and that she has business with Haruka. Arisa exclaims that she won't let Suzune get Haruka as well, and calls to Matsuri, who apologizes to Suzune as she, too, transforms.

The girls ready for attack. Suzune, disappointed, says that no matter how many times they face her, the result will always be the same. Suzune then readies her sword, saying it's a foolish effort.