Suzune Magica Chapter 6

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This section may contain major spoilers!

Please refrain from reading if you are not yet familiar with all the latest media released.

The chapter begins with Arisa and Matsuri running down the alley to where Suzune and Haruka are located. Suzune turns and Arisa apologizes to Haruka for taking her anger out on her when she didn't know what to do earlier. She asks if they can fight side-by-side again but Haruka only apologizes instead, blaming herself for everything. She cries out that she was really, truly no good enough after all right before her soul gem hatches into a grief seed. Magical energy surrounds her and a blast of light burst forth, revealing Haruka's witch form. The witch appears from the neck down like a woman in a dress, however her head is replaced with a giant set of lips, a giant eyeball resting inside and her hair is replaced with multiple arms. Small disco balls float surrounding her. As Arisa asks where Haruka went, Suzune nods towards the witch informing them that that is Haruka. Shocked, Arisa calls Suzune dumb, stating that creature is clearly a witch, the creatures they are always fighting. Suzune agrees, and tells them to go kill the witch like they always do but in doing so they will be killing their fellow magical girls with their own hands. Matsuri questions if Haruka really did turn into a witch but Suzune doesn't care if they believe her or not as long as they stay out of her way. Haruka's witch form attempts to blast energy beams at Suzune, who dodges most of them but not before an energy beam scorchers her shoulder. Holding her sword, she summons swords of flame that shoot out, destroying the disco balls that shot the energy beams. As Suzune races in to finish the witch off before it can recover, Haruka's witch form screams and casts its charm magic on Suzune, causing her to freeze on the spot. The witch charges up an even greater energy beam from its giant eye to kill Suzune with, but more flame swords rain down on it, stabbing it in the eye and causing the witch to scream in pain. Suzune rushes forward once more and pierces the witch with her sword, shattering its eye and unleashing a blast of light from which Arisa and Matsuri catch a momentary glimpse of Haruka in human form before the barrier and witch disappear.

Unable to comprehend everything she just saw, Arisa sinks down to the ground asking if it was all a big trick. Suzune explains that all the witches they've slain were once magical girls and that all magical girls are transformed permanently into witches once their soul gems have fully blackened. She goes on to say that a soul gem is their true self, their souls turned into stones. To illustrate, she summons a small knife and casually stabs herself in the abdomen. As she heals herself, Suzune explains that their physical bodies don't matter so long as their soul gem remains intact. Arisa can't believe what she is hearing, asking if their bodies are mere shells now. Kyubey appears out of nowhere, confirming what Arisa just said and asking Suzune how many magical girls she's killed by now.