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While a number of witches appear in Puella Magi Suzune Magica, the vast majority of them remain unnamed. Below are images of the various witches that appear throughout the series in order of appearance.

Unnamed Witch 1

The first witch fought by Suzune Amano, she resembles a skull. She calls out 'kupuo' when fighting.

Unnamed Witch 2

A witch fought by Haruka. She resembles a jack-in-the-box toy.


The witch of Haruka Kanade. The witch of Revealation whose form is a gazing eye.

Unnamed Witch 3

A witch Tsubaki Mikoto fights, she resembles a nurse.


Tsubaki Mikoto's witch. The shrine gate Witch whose nature is avengement. She's born after Tsubaki gives too many of her Grief Seeds to Suzune.

Unnamed Witch 4

A witch and her magical girl briefly shown when describing witches and magical girls.

Unnamed Witch 5

Kagari Hinata's witch.