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I found 2 pictures from Manga version when they are playing cake song.

--Yorkwoo 16:09, 26 November 2013 (UTC)

I Dream of Dawn

Since there is a page for the Cake Song, should a page be made for I Dream of Dawn (or whatever "Mada dame yo" is called)? -AntMan9751 01:09, 31 January 2014 (UTC)

This Song...

Thoroughly disappointed its not in the CE's OST. Now I have no way to hear it on my local files. Also, on an unrelated note, fix your terrible captcha; the character's name isn't "nagisa", it's "Nagisa Momoe". 21:11, 9 April 2014 (UTC)

Official Song

Cake Song official lyrics (there's an extra line)


Keeki, keeki, maarui keeki [the cake, the cake, the round cake]

maarui keeki wa daare? [who is the round cake?]

(Bebe) mojumojumojepu jubebe? (suppai keeki wa sayaka?****) [is the sour cake Sayaka?]


chiigaau watashi wa raspberry [noope I'm a raspberry]

marui keeki wa akai [the round cake is red]

keeki wa Kyouko? [is the cake Kyouko?]


chigau atashi wa ringo [no, I'm an apple]

marui keeki wa umai [the round cake is yummy*]

keeki wa Mami ka? [is the cake Mami?]


chiigaau watashi wa chiizu [noope, I'm the cheese]

marui keeki wa ookii** [the round cake is large]

keeki wa Akemi-san?


chi chigaimasu watashi wa kabocha [n-no I'm a pumpkin]

marui keeki wa amai [the round cake is sweet]

keeki wa Madoka? [is the cake Madoka?]


chiigaau watashi wa meron [noope I'm a melon]

meron ga waretara amai yume [when the melon splits*** there will be sweet dreams]


kon'ya no o-yume wa nigai yume [tonight's dream is a bitter dream]

o-sara no ue ni wa neko no yume [on this plate there is a cat's dream]

maru-maru futotte meshi-agare [grow big and roly-poly, and eat up!]

  • umai also means wise or clever, the line used in the film is "Bebe ga suki" (likes Bebe)
    • the line in the film is korogaru (rolls around/tumbles/trips)
      • probably a reference to Madoka being split in half at the end
        • this line was not subtitled in the final film


Well, first of all, I feel like the entire "Rules Interpretations" category should be a sub category under "Observations", since they're essentially the same thing. I also think that it's quite likely that there are no "rules", it honestly doesn't seem much like a game to me, rather just a simple song. Especially because Sayaka is mouthing the lyrics Homura sings, as if she already knows the lyrics, which means Homura can't be improvising. And if it is a game, I think Sayaka's ability to mouth lyrics she doesn't already know proves she isn't so bad at improvisation. ;) SAYAKAMI 15:03, 16 March 2015 (UTC)

If there are rules, I don't think the Cumulative Rules make sense, as raspberries and apples are the only two that are commonly thought of as red. Cheese is generally yellow, pumpkins are orange, and melons are.. melon-colored.. ~ Yay295

Yeah, that's also true. Can't believe no one else (including myself) even noticed that. I guess that one's out of the question then... SAYAKAMI 13:48, 1 April 2015 (UTC)