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Can something be done about the anti-Hitomi slant in the wiki? I think she's more inexperienced than homophobic, as well as raised in a country that is STILL very traditional as well as in a very old-fashioned family. That and she's like, 14? Demanding for her to act like some super feminist at that age and with that famiy history is ridiculous.

Not to mention, at some point I had to pretty much REWRITE THE WHOLE DAMN CHARACTER PAGE due to the seething hatred fror her coming from the fandom (Specially rabid Sayaka fans). I don't want to end up doing it all around again because fans can't keep their burning and dispropportionate loathing of her in a wiki that's supposed to be at least mildly non-biased.

Meiko 20:56, 3 July 2012 (UTC)