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Die-rolling mechanics

Is the die completely randomized, or is there some sort of trick, like Mario Party, to get the roll you want?

I've noticed that if you click and hold on the die, it grows and shrinks repeatedly, and when it reaches maximum size it'll sparkle. Moreover, the die may bounce off the edges when thrown, also creating sparkles. Does anyone know if this actually has an effect on outcomes? It seems like it might, but I haven't had enough consistency in the results, let alone a good sample size. Selphos 03:27, 8 October 2012 (UTC)

Sunset levels

9: lv29 Gertrud, 1 Adelbert 10: lv32, 1 Anthony and 1 Adelbert, witch has non-trivial HP now 11: lv35, 1 Anthony and 1 Adelbert 12: lv38, 1 Anthony and 1 Adelbert 13: lv41, 1 Anthony and 1 Adelbert. Still 0exp/0coins