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Spoilers for later stages

Not really in that it's already been hinted before, but yeah.

  • Mami dies loses her soul gem while fighting Izabel's familiars. The girls recover it in time for Mami's resurrection.
  • The group corners Kyubey and he tells them the truth about soul gems (same as anime).
  • Kyouko and the other girls ask Homura why she didn't tell them (same reasons as anime).
  • Sayaka takes the idea of already being dead pretty badly. Insists on separating from the group and fighting alone. Gives Hitomi the okay to confess to Kyousuke and awkwardly tries to joke about her depression and death to the player and Madoka.
  • Mami and Kyouko attempt to cheer her up with words of friendship and encouragement. Too late to save Sayaka from despair.
  • Girls work together to try to call her soul back, bonding together to try to keep morale high.
  • Homura explains to the player in private about Walpurgis' coming to the town. She believes the player's magical power subconsciously amplifies the power of other magical girls. Useless alone but stronger in groups. Homura has noticed a remarkable improvement in their performance. She believes this power alone will give them the edge they need to finally win against Walpurgis.
  • In the previous timeline, Homura says that all six of them were alive for the final battle. But their powers still weren't enough to defeat Walpurgis. At that time, however, the player's power was in its starting stages and not potent enough to be useful.
  • Kyouko dies fighting Octavia and Mami is devastated by the loss of her two friends.
  • Homura wonders if the four of them can win, still having faith in the player's developed powers.
  • Story automatically skips ahead to Walpurgis. Homura is beaten up, but Madoka rouses her. She says she will fight together with the player to defeat Walpurgis. Homura realizes its a loss cause, wondering if it's because they didn't have enough people, and resets the timeline.

So, is that it for the online game then? It might be at this rate... Honeykiss 05:46, 9 November 2012 (UTC)

Very interesting. That Sayaka. This fits with their roadmap, where guilds and raids were scheduled. This sets the stage for our Walpurgis battle, and explains why we'd have raids, since Homura will probably realize that there's more than 6 magical girls in the world.
What happens after that will probably depend on whether the game is making enough money. They've got a few routes they could go with the story:
  • Even this large raid group isn't enough to beat Walpurgis, but it is enough to learn some new secret about her. Maybe she has to use her final fusion or something, and that inspires Homura to take a different approach instead of head on combat. Cue a new timeline full of completely different quests.
  • We defeat Walpurgis completely. We celebrate the victory, but instead of living happily ever after, the world is still full of suffering. Everyone finds new and creative ways to fail, and we get Kriemhild Gretchen as an upcoming raid boss.
  • After gathering an army of magical girls, we all realize there's not enough grief seeds to go around. New PVP update! Fight against real players and kill all your friends! You get a bonus special ticket each time you kill someone on your friends list!
I like how the game's story is more or less compatible with the powers I imagined my character having at the beginning. Makes me feel even sillier for raising stats evenly instead of following the character design and being all defense/support. KM 09:21, 10 November 2012 (UTC)
It would be nice to think this isn't the end. I mean, we don't even get to face Walpurgis properly. It just happens in a cutscene. I kinda expected them to extend this timeline until the third movie came out though, so I was surprised when they cut it short like that. More magical girls or witches would great too. Like Oriko or something like that, one of the other continuities. I'm still trying to get the cards for movie Sayaka, but the game hates me. Damn Kyubey box! Honeykiss 03:29, 11 November 2012 (UTC)