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Hey don't create the page without me! Wait till I get home so I could help haha. --Riga92 00:14, 2 October 2011 (UTC)

Good, Creating this alone would be an extreme pain. Inverness 00:15, 2 October 2011 (UTC)

Here is what I think needs to be added to the page. Character information, including abilities and changes they went through during the story. Basically, the things that are relevant when making future decisions. Also, their attitudes towards the other characters (if relevant). Finally, episode summaries, so it isn't necessary to trudge through archives (many spammed) to figure out what is happening. Inverness 02:42, 2 October 2011 (UTC)

I agree, we need to organize this in this page before we start putting it in the actual page. For now, I'm writing really short summaries of each character, mostly about when they first appear and their initial relevance. --Riga92 04:12, 2 October 2011 (UTC)

Now that the character section is pretty much complete, do you guys think an Episode summary section is necessary? The page is already a bit large, and writing a summary of each episode might make the page a lot larger than it needs to be. I realize an episode summary section would be convenient if so people don't have to trudge through threads to remember something, but still. --Riga92 09:07, 5 October 2011 (UTC)

Just wondering, did anyone put together the story segments? Because I took a look at a few threads and there was miles of spams in them. I ended up having to do a search by OP's name rather than bother to try and read the thing. --randomanon 09:10, 5 October 2011 (UTC)
For now no. Actually, someone from the IRC is actually making a novelization of the first season, but progress has been halted on that due to RL stuff. The spam is indeed very annoying, but everyone will just have to deal with it for now. I might do something about the spammed threads sooner or later to make it easier for people to read. --Riga92 09:15, 5 October 2011 (UTC)

Kyouko Gland

Is this trolling or well, it sounds like something /u/ would come up with! --randomanon 22:46, 4 October 2011 (UTC)

It's more trolling than actual canon haha. Most of us in IRC like to joke about Kyouko and how everyone loves her. --Riga92 22:53, 4 October 2011 (UTC)
I haven't had time to visit the threads. I'm sure I will at some point. What part of it is not trolling? --randomanon 00:05, 5 October 2011 (UTC)
The only thing that really isn't trolling is that Sayaka and Kyouko do get together in Sketch. The rest is pretty much a fun joke. Mami and Kyouko are friends of course and she obviously cares about Kyouko, but Mami has an attraction towards Faust rather than Kyouko. Homura's attraction was more on how Homura and Kyouko seemed like they could be total bros. Madoka's attraction was just fabricated from the fact that Aoi Yuuki claimed Kyouko as her waifu in the commentaries. Faust's attraction is also fabricated. We actually wanted Faust to kiss Kyouko one time in Revolution when she saved us from falling to our death but that never happened haha. It's just more like most of us in IRC agree that we all love Kyouko, and that every girl in Madoka likes her in certain degrees. Someone in the IRC suggested I put details of Kyouko's "harem" in her description, which I did mostly for fun and as a joke haha. --Riga92 00:12, 5 October 2011 (UTC)
I see. So why do you all like Kyouko so much? Is Aoi Yuki there? --randomanon 00:15, 5 October 2011 (UTC)
Haha, well we all love Kyouko for various reasons, mainly her cool personality and how everyone thinks she's the sexiest haha. --Riga92 00:18, 5 October 2011 (UTC)
Understandable, although I must correct you all on the true Harem MC. It's clearly Madoka. Homura is crazy in love with her, Sayaka wants to marry her, Mami loses her head over her, and even Kyouko's all deredere bro for her. Then to top that, Madoka becomes a goddess where she shepherds all the magical girls eventually to her personal Valhalla, read: heading the biggest magical girl harem in existence. Search in your hearts, you know it's true. --randomanon 00:29, 5 October 2011 (UTC)
You may actually be right haha, because Faust, who looks and acts A LOT like Madoka, is seemingly forming a harem herself in Rebuild. Mami seems to be attracted to Faust just like in Sketch. Homura seems to be mad at Faust, although most people think this is because she has conflicting feelings over both Faust and Madoka, since they are alike in every single way. Hitomi is explicitly stated to have a crush on Faust. Madoka being Madoka...and being Faust's twin essentially...(symmetrical docking). Sayaka is also pretty friendly with Faust and is worried about her a lot. Only person who really isn't confirmed is Kyouko herself. But yea, you may actually be right haha. --Riga92 00:42, 5 October 2011 (UTC)
This sounds like what I would expect from /a/. --randomanon 00:44, 5 October 2011 (UTC)

Social Link Powers

Posting them here for now. Add to Faust's character page later. --Riga92 01:15, 17 October 2011 (UTC)

  • Madoka - Lv.2 (Projectile Arrow)
  • Sayaka - Lv.1 (Regeneration)
  • Hitomi - Lv.1 (Energy Field)
  • Homura - Lv.1 (Rewind/ 30 sec)
  • Kyouko - Lv.1 (Illusions)
  • Mami - Lv.3 (Binding Magic)
  • Yuma - Lv.1 (Heal)
  • Kazumi - Lv.0 (Magic Beam)
  • Oriko - Lv.0 (Foresight)
  • Kirika - Lv.0 (Time Slow)
  • Pleiades Saints - Lv.0 (?)
  • Mystery Girl - Lv.1 (Mind Read/Mind Field)


Episode Summaries

Moving this here incase I want to use it again. --Riga92 22:49, 11 October 2011 (UTC)


Episode 1

You wake up at the beginning of the anime in Madoka's body with no memories of yourself and your past life, possessing only the knowledge of the events of the anime. You struggle to fight your urges of rape and masturbation as you try to play along with the events you've seen happen. You decide to go with flow, and end up going to the mall with Sayaka and Hitomi. While you're in the music store, you hear Kyubey's voice calling you for help. You then follow the source of Kyubey's voice, till you reach the hallway and find him injured on the floor. Homura then approaches you and asks you to give Kyubey to her. This time, you go against the anime's events and give Kyubey to her. She immediately kills Kyubey, until another one his body's appears again. Sayaka then shows up with the fire extinguisher and blows it against Homura and takes you along with Kyubey. Kyubey asks you why you willingly let Homura kill him, but you don't answer. You and Sayaka then find yourself trapped in a witch barrier, as multiple Anthonies sprout up, ready to kill you. Mami then appears and rescues you, just like in the anime. Mami and Homura confront each other, but this time, you try to stop the both of them and ask them to be friends with each other. Homura refuses and leaves, and the episode ends with Kyubey wanting you and Sayaka to contract with him. You think to yourself how you knew everything, and that maybe you could change this world's future.

Episode 2

You wake up the next day and follow your morning routine, getting ready for school. As you walk to school, you think of ways you could save this world, some kind of wish that can break the system without becoming a goddess in the end. You needed an alternative. In class, you once again ask Mami if she could cooperate and become friends with Homura, which she reluctantly agrees to. Sayaka complains about Homura but you already knew the truth. Before class starts, you walk up to Homura and tell her what you knew, about the witch system, about the various timelines, the girl's fates, everything. Homura is shocked at how you knew everything, and you tell her that you'll talk to her about it in detail after school.

After school ends, you meet up with Homura again and confirm to her that you know everything. Homura, renewed with hope, believes you and decides to take your offer in becoming friends with Mami. She asks you what should she should do now, with you giving her a passionate kiss. The both of you then meet up with Mami and Sayaka and go on a witch hunt. The rest of the episode then plays out like in episode 2 of the anime, except this time, Homura is here to help Mami. Both of the girls defeat Gertrude with ease, and you call it a day. Sayaka, in the back of her mind, seems to notice that something is off with you.

Episode 3

You wake up the next day and do your regular routine. As you walk to school, you think about how you want to prevent Sayaka from contracting. You then realize that Mami has healing powers and that maybe she can heal Kyousuke's injured hand. After school, you and Sayaka go to the hospital so she can visit Kyousuke, and after she finishes her business, you both find Charlotte's grief seed outside the hospital, almost ready to hatch. Knowing that Mami dies in her battle against Charlotte, you contact Homura with your cellphone to take care of the witch instead. Homura arrives and the three of you enter Charlotte's barrier. You and Homura make good speed, ignoring the harmless familiars, while Sayaka remains awestruck by this new dimension. You then tell Sayaka its alright, however, you accidentally call her "Miki-san" without realizing it. After Homura defeats Charlotte, Sayaka confronts you, claiming you're not Madoka, realizing that Madoka never calls her Miki-san. You then cry from your stupid mistake, and tell Sayaka that you just wanted to act cool like Homura, since you felt useless to everyone. Although you were lying, the tears you were shedding felt very real. Sayaka, not understanding the situation, forgives you and apologizes.

Episode 4

After the battle with Charlotte, you went back home, thinking about how you almost blew your cover and messed up everything. You think how you need to perfectly mimic Madoka in order be able to save this world. When you went to sleep, you start having a dream about a faint voice, calling for Sayaka and Hitomi for help. The voice was yours, or at least it sounded like yours. The next day you go to school like normal. Knowing that Kyousuke is the very reason why Sayaka always contracts and turns into a witch, you ask Mami if she can heal the boy's injured hand, to which she says yes. You then figure that you and the rest of the girls should break into the hospital to heal the boy.

That night, you also remember that Hitomi was going to be possessed by Elly, so you decide that you and Homura would go hunt the witch while Mami and Sayaka go to the hospital. Despite going with Homura, you start worrying about Mami and Sayaka back at the hospital. Homura tells you she can handle the witch by herself, with you asking why she let you come with her anyways. The black-haired girl replies that she wanted to be with you, which makes you blush in embarrassment. You decide that you'll check on Mami and Sayaka after all, but not before giving Homura another passionate kiss.

As you make your way back to the hospital, you hear a voice in your head, the same voice you heard in your dreams, calling out for her mother and Homura. You realize that this voice might be the real Madoka despite hijacking her body. You then reach out to the Madoka and speak with her for the first time. You tell the timid girl that you are a hero that is here to save her and her family and friends. Although she doesn't quite get it, Madoka seems happy to hear it. You then tell her you will take to her later, as you head towards the hospital, hoping Sayaka hasn't contracted.

You find Sayaka and Mami watching TV in the waiting room, having not healed Kyousuke since he hasn't fallen asleep. After he falls asleep, you and the girls head to his room, with Mami successfully healing his hand. You then call Homura to see if she's alright, with her telling you that she's waiting at Mami's house, watching TV and eating some cake. All the girls then spent the rest of the night just having a good time at Mami's apartment. When you fell asleep, you then dream of Madoka, and actually meet her. Madoka says that you are her, which you agree, telling her that you are her friend. Madoka says it's been a week she's been trapped within your mind, being all alone. You tell her that she isn't alone anymore, and that you will be by her side. You then tell her the whole truth of the Magical Girl system, and the fate of all the girls. Madoka is shocked in learning this, but you assure her that you are here to help and that you will save her and the rest of the girls. Both of you then agree to share this body, switching whenever it is safe. You then wake up from the dream, also waking up Homura. It was still only 1:00 in the morning though, so both of you then go back to sleep.

Alt Archive

Easymodo is having issues, does anyone know a different site where archived threads, maybe even a condensed version with just the story, can be found? -anon

I already switched all the /a/ threads to the foolz archive, so those are viewable. However, all the /tg/ threads are currently lost. Easymodo is dumping the threads however, and if someone can save them and host them somewhere, it can be recovered.--Riga92 22:03, 31 October 2011 (UTC)

What the hell guys

Some moron (I think I know who) wrote in Homura's section that she was "scissored" by a familiar. This is a horrible joke and not even close to what happened, but every time I try to edit it in any way it gets reverted. By all love ever rejected! By hell-fire hot and unsparing! I wish I knew something worse, that I could use it for swearing!

But to be fair, Homura does get scissored, literally, into two pieces. Vadosity 10:13, 18 April 2013 (UTC)

Vapor Tale

Vapor Tale Characters

Blake Lumen

Age: 16

Species: Human/Purifer

Weapon: Steam-work Broadsword

Magic: Can't be used

Hometown: Dogwood

Personality: By definition, Blake is an idiot. He isn't too bright when it comes to math, history, or any other subject. He can't even read. The only thing he's knowledgable in is fighting and even then that is self-taught. While his sister often studies Albert's books, Blake is working on his own sword. He has a knack for steam-tech and adventuring (which he mostly does outside of the city).

On a personal level, Blake is very protective of his sister. If something is bothering her, he'll be the first one to jump to see what's wrong. He's confident, kind, and an all around good kid. Just not all that bright.

Bio: Blake and his twin Cecilia are both victims of the Mist Quake that happened 12 years before the beginning of the story. Blake was traumatized during the event, having barely any memory of what happened.

Both he and Cecilia grew up in the city of Almond before the quake. Albert was there next door neighbor and family friend. Upon their parents deaths, Albert took them in.

Blake and Cecilia now live with Albert in the city of Drupel, under his care.

Cecilia Atrum

Age: 16

Species: Human/Purifier

Weapon: Dual Steam-work long swords

Magic: Can't be used

Hometown: Dogwood

Personality: Cecilia is often seen studying sword techniques, magical and historical texts, anything and everything she could find in Albert's study. She's knowledgable in both the effects of Steam and Mist but sometimes has moments where she's forgetful. Cecilia is clearly the intelligent of the two twins and she shows it.

Cecilia, being the odler of the two, often scolds Blake for his stupid decisions. However, she does show her love for her brother. She serves as the mother figure in Blake's life. Albert feeds and clothes them, but often leaves the two to their own devices. Reason for that is that Albert, deep down, know's they're good kids.

Another side of the girl is that she's impatient and has a short fuse. If anybody or anything hurts her brother, she'll let loose.

Bio: Cecilia and her twin Blake are both victims of the Mist Quake that happened 12 years before the beginning of the story. Cecilia was caught in the quake but she was saved and escorted to the outside of the city. The girl worried about her brother for the better part of an hour after the disaster had happened. Albert returns around that time with Blake in his arms. Her brother was saved.

Both Cecilia and Blake grew up in the city of Dogwood before the quake. Albert was there next door neighbor and family friend. Upon their parents deaths, Albert took them in.

Blake and Cecilia now live with Albert in the city of Drupel, under his care.

Chloe Kulasten

Age: 17

Species: Human/Witch

Weapon: Hand-to-Hand fighting

Magic: Fire/Light based

Hometown: Drupel

Personality: Chloe, although she may not look it, is intelligable in the magical arts. Her parents are famous magic users in Drupel so she's forced to uphold the family name of Kulasten. She, along with her two friends Bri and Kelsey, are the strongest young magic users in Drupel. The other young magic users look to them with respect. This respect causes Chloe to be a bit big-headed but both Bri and Kelsey bring her back down to Earth. The three girls have a habit of giving Cecilia a hard time, making fun of her since she can't use magic due to being a Purifer. The truth is Chloe is envious of the girl, she respects her more than her own parents. The other magic users look down on the Purifiers, thinking of them as useless. Chloe, on the other hand, respects Cecilia and Blake. They work as hard as they can to carry on with their lives without the comfort of magic. They're purely human. Chloe recognizes what the others refuse to acknowledge. Their own spirit.

Chloe is a confident, outspoken individiual. She can't keep things to herself. If she has something to say, you better get ready to hear it. She doesn't care for the concequences until after they happen, then again she isn't one to think about the future.

Bio: Chloe was born and raised in the city of Drupel by both her parents. She was forced to study the magic arts when she was young in order to live up to her parents expectations. The more she grew up, the more she felt closed in, as if she didn't have a decision in her future. Up until she was six, she didn't have much of a life. Study with her parents, eat, and then sleep. Other kids were taking classes in guilds or other activities, she was stuck at home studying under her parents' supervision. Along this way of study, her parents introduced her to both Kelsey and Bri. The two became fast friends and once Chloe turned twelve, she had learned everything her parents could teach her.

Her parents, however, wanted her to expand her horizons. She was forced to join into the local Mages' Guild. Due to her training from her parents, she was already at a whole other level than the other young mages. The teacher's were also taken by surprise from Chloe's talents. The girl actually became the youngest mage to join the guild as a teacher. However, the girl was kicked out due to her teaching methods. Physically punching the kids her age that didn't turn in their work was common place. Upon being kicked out of the guild, something she planned for, she went back to hanging out with Kelsey and Bri.

The three began to teach local kids about magic, those who didn't have enough money to join the Guilds'. Chloe's parents found out and told her to stop wasting her talents on the children. Chloe refused and continued instruction. The only person Chloe seems to have a problem with is Cecilia and her way of living.

She torments the girl repeatedly upon meeting her after she turned twelve. Cecilia was only a year younger than her and she was studying the mechanics of Steam and Mist, the history of the world, everything on her own. She couldn't use magic. She was ridiculed for it but Cecilia fought through it, growing up to be strong. Chloe, in the end, respects her for it.

Abby Chiyami

Name: Abby Chiyami (Valencia)

Age: 17

Weapon: Shifting Artifact Rifle/Shotgun/Mini-Gun/Cannon

Magic: N/A

Affinity: Mist to Energy Conversion

Species: Former:Human/Present: Demi-Human

Hometown: Algar (Now destroyed)

History: A lonely girl sat in the obscurity of the crowd and watched with an innocent smile. She admired the colors, the music, the smiles, she loved it all.

She stood up at the time of leaving, her smiled faded as the colorful tent vanished from view.

Growing up Abby admired the circus. It made people happy gave them an aescape from the horrible world they lived in. She smiled just to smile. Her life was set in stone. Both parents well off, friends that cared for her, a life of absolute leisure.

The world, much like herself afterward, changed forever. The ground shifted and became displaced. Buildings fell into the black abyss as a blue vapor came forward. Screams of agony, pleas for help. It was all in vain. Those not fortunate enough to be killed were transformed into monsters or afflicted with Mist Poisoning.

Abby, at the cost of her parents' lives, was one of survivor out of a minor nine.

She didn't escape unscathed as cuts and bruises decorated her body. The most significant change, unseen, was the Mist Poison. The pain expanded, her sorrow deepened. The will to live, the courage to go on, she had none of it. She accepted death with open arms.

A smile. A soft smile that offered the girl hope. A man by the name of Alex Zephyr appeared. He concluded that Abby's Mist Poisoning couldn't be treated like the others. It constantly reproduced itself in an endless cycle. However, it could be isolated on the body. With a combination of runic seals and magic, the mist was chased away to the top of her scalp. It branched out, taking hold to her hair rather than her body. This was Alex's intention, to minamalize the affect of the mist on her body. The constant creation of mist exits into the outside world instead of transforming Abby from the inside out. The resulting mutations caused by the mist are a pair of horns extending from the top of her own head, where the Mist had been isolated.

After the treatment, Alex decided to adopt Abby in the effort to observe this new procedure. The two of them traveled from place to place, country side to country side.

Abby adopted the hobby of hunting with Alex's Artifact Rifle. Alex, seeing Abby's obvious interest, taught her how to shoot. She picked it up in record time. The feel of the gun, the sight down the barrel, it felt simply amazing. The girl was enticed, hooked on it. She continued down the path and eventually gained the title of the Gothic Gunner. Shortly after that, she left Alex in pursuit of her own like only at the age of fifteen.

Noel Rista
Calum Oscuro
Melanee Carnot (Ayden Renelia)
Edward Belthasar
Astral, the Black Magical Girl

Age: 14 (?)

Species: Demi-Human/Witch(?)

Weapon: Artifact Blast Staff/Blast Spear

Magic: Energy/Movement/Protective

Hobbies: ?

Hometown: ?

Personality: Astral is a calm, young girl who knows what she wants. She seems to care for 'a man' but this man is yet to be revealed.

Bio: Astral is a black haired Demi-Human(?) magical girl that seems to be obsessed with Abby.

Broken Links

The links for AnonKun all seem to be broken, and even WaybackMachine can't seem to resolve them correctly. Are there any backups anywhere? Is this a browser problem? HackneyedTrope (talk) 18:11, 3 July 2021 (UTC)