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Tart's name and background

  Tart is what Kyubey and Riz called Jeanne D'Arc, or Joan of Arc. She has three brothers named Pierre, Jean, and Jacquemin. Her dad's name is Jacques, and her mother's name is Iasbelle; she has a sister named Catherine, who calls Tart Jeanette. She lives in a village called Domremy, which is  in France.

Tart's magic

  Tart's wish that she made when she formed her contract was the power to bring the light to France. She made her contract after the death of her sister Catherine, who died trying to protect Jeanne and was stabbed by an English soldier. Tart made the contract after the funeral, and cut her hair off. Tart uses a sword, originally she used a sword that was made of pure magic, but now uses an old sword to channel magic, which she got in the second manga.
  Due to Tart's strong magic potential she uses up way too much of her magic, which seeps out her power too quickly and turns her soul gem muddy very quickly, which is why she starts using the sword.

Appearance and Age

  Tart has short light blond hair and greenish blue eyes. She seems to be about thirteen, but all that's known is that she's a year younger than Riz.

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