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Hi! I'm Angelbrained, or Angel. I obsess over witches and any other variations of strange and unusual creatures from the series! My favorite witches are Candeloro and Itzli from Portable!
I'm working on a project to draw as many free-to-use transparent images of witches as I can.

Scene 0 Timeline

Keeping this here until it becomes relevant to put somewhere else. Work in progress.

Order of Events

Theory 1 Date Theory 2 Date Scene 0 Day Events
March 16 Wed May 16 Wed Day 1 Homura's time loop starts. She wakes up in the hospital.
March 18 Fri May 18 Fri Day 3 Madoka contracts with Kyubey.
March 21 Fri May 21 Fri Day 6 The Minotaur Witch is encountered.
March 25 Fri May 25 Fri Day 10 Homura transfers into school and tells Madoka she's a magical girl. Anthonies attack the mall.
March 26 Sat May 26 Sat Day 11 Gertrud attacks in the abandoned building.
March 28 May 28 Day 13 Homura shows her powers to Mami and Madoka. She goes on to make pipe bombs and tests them in an empty building
March 29 May 29 Day 14 Mami, Madoka, and Homura defeat Patricia.
March 31 May 31 Day 16 H.N. Elly attacks.
April 1 June 1 Day 17 Anja attacks.
April 6 June 6 Day 22 Elsa Maria attacks.
April 7 June 7 Day 23 Mabayu and Mami are killed by Bartels.
April 16 June 16 Day 32 The last day of Film 1. Walpurgisnacht attacks.
April 23 Sat June 23 Sat The earliest possible date of Walpurgisnacht's appearance(?)
April 30 Sat - May 1 Sun June 30 Sat - July 1 Sun The date of the real life Walpurgis Night, and a possible date of the witch's appearance. Madoka destroys the witch, but becomes a witch herself. Time resets.

Witch Transparents

Main Series Witches

Main Series Familiars

Portable Witches

Homulilly and Friends

Magia Record Witches

Misc. Witches