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Welcome to my page. Needs more editing.

About Me

To be honest, I'm quite a shy person so I do have a tendency to keep my words short. Not because I do not like to talk, but because I'm very bad at talking and responding to others.

This username "Chanteyousei" is derived from "Chante" from the JRPG "Chantelise" and "Daiyousei" from the "Touhou Project". They are both fairies and have green hair(and eyes).

Likes: Oranges, Grapes and reading books.

Dislikes: trolls, violence.

Current Most Favourite Character: Kaname Madoka/Ultimate Madoka (Puella Magi Madoka Magica)

Favourite Characters: Asakura Otome(Da Capo II), Charles Yoshino[a.k.a Yoshino Sharuru](Da Capo III), Daiyousei(Touhou Project), Minami Kotori(Love Live School Idol project), Chante(Chantelise);

If you noticed from the list of characters above, for some reason I find appeal in side characters.

Madoka Online

This is my character in Madoka Online. Click on the Image to see my previous looks.

IGN: 朝倉鏡 (AsakuraKagami in Romanji)

Server: Shadow


Meet My Team

This is my current team in Madoka Online. Bottom left image is my drawing of my custom character. It's not very impressive, I know.