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Everyone is writing their stories on user pages, so maybe I should, too.

I live in Poland ever since my birth, which happened in the revolutionary year for this part of Europe, that is 1989. I like my country a lot, though there are some things I'm quite ashamed of... but let's not talk about them. Poland is a beautiful country with lots of beautiful girls, and let's stick with that statement ;) I'm a university student, majoring in Computer Science. I'm actually getting quite tired of my studies, but hopefully the happy finish is near ;)

My another passion is music, both being a listener - widely understood rock is what I normally listen to, but many other genres are fine, too - and a performer - I enjoy playing guitar and singing. though I'm actually not any good at either of these. I also happened to write few tunes myself in the past, but they are not really worth attention, either.

My fascination about anime led me to start self-studying Japanese. After one or two unsuccessful attempts, I believe I'm finally on a good way to actually know it one day. Currently I'm proficient in kana, know some basic grammar, and concentrate my studies on learning vocabulary and kanji. My knowledge of Japanese is way too little to actually read or understand any real-life text, but I think I'm not half bad at "assembling" acceptable translations from my own knowledge, dictionaries, and Google Translate results.

It's also already pretty helpful for recognizing and appreciating specific speech patterns and relishing features in anime ;)

My story with anime...

Back in the little kid days, there was Sailor Moon on our TV - I don't actually recall even trying to watch it back then, but I remember I didn't like it at all. Some other anime that happened to air from time to time didn't catch my attention, either, and so I was growing up with a belief that "anime is stupid". Probably not knowing that Moomin and Maya the Bee were actually animated by the Japanese.

The first anime which I watched with full consent and actually liked, was... ekhm... please don't laugh: Super Pig, a.k.a. Ai to Yuuki no Pig Girl Tonde Buurin. It's almost entirely unknown these days - unfortunately, perhaps, because it's a quite unique parody of the magical girl genre. I've got a kind of sentiment for that show. It's almost impossible to get it these days, but I have raws of the entire series I randomly recently found, and may actually fansub it for fun one day when I feel like it (I actually subbed the first episode into Polish some time ago, but only one friend of mine saw that version ;) ).

Back to the topic - some time later, the Pokemon hype happened, and it was the first trigger for me. I somehow really loved that show back when it was still "fresh". I was angry at the TV station for messing up the airing schedule, but then really happy when they finally aired the Johto saga. I was playing the GameBoy games, imitating the monsters' sounds on the streets and... well... please spare me bringing even more shame on myself ;)

A year or two later, everyone was so hyped about Dragon Ball... but I had only terrestrial TV and could only envy friends who happened to have satellite or cable and receive the station it was airing on. I was reading story summaries, listening to OP singles, watching whatever movie or a part of episode my friend happened to find online, but never actually got a glimpse of the actual series. And I'll probably never watch it, because picking up a 500-episode show sounds too scary.

Another year or two later, when I was still in middle school, one guy brought me on the big waters and gave me Evangelion. I didn't actually understand much of it, both because of the whole psychology stuff and simply because it was an English-subbed version, and my knowledge of English was too limited back then. But somehow I still liked it.

Fun facts about my experience with NGE back then:

  • I really, really, REALLY liked Zankoku-na Tenshi-no Teeze back then, to the point I memorized the lyrics of the TV-size version. I like the song, and remember the TV-size lyrics as well.
    • For some reason, I thought that "zankoku" means "angel". It sounded most similar from the whole line, so I assumed that's it. Actually, "zankoku" = "cruel", "tenshi" = "angel", for those who still doesn't know.
  • I fansubbed the first episode into Polish by translating the English subs. Without having access to the Internet, and without even knowing, what a fansub is.
    • Nobody save me has ever watched that version.
    • I found the script file somewhere on my hard disk like, a year ago. The subs make very little sense now, and the OP translation is complete gibberish.

And so I graduated from middle school, without having watched many anime, but with a new belief that I really like it. In high school, I haven't watched much either. I actually recall seing Metropolis and works which are pretty much as Western as they are Japanese - Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within and The Animatrix. I also saw the first four episodes of X (fun fact: back then, I simply haven't got any episodes beyond the fourth; recently I tried watching the series properly, but somehow couldn't get past episode four either... third attempt awaits), and tried watching Hellsing after hearing it was awesome, but didn't really like it (maybe because I could find only the American dub? second attempt maybe one day...). All in all, high school was not very rich in anime watching for me.

And then it exploded at the university. A friend played God Knows from his music library - I really liked the song, was curious about what is it from, and watched Haruhi as a result. And that was the point of no return. I got sunk in for real, and Haruhi became a number one franchise for me for a long time - that is, until Madoka. Now it's number two, still pretty high.

I watched few more series since then, notably Elfen Lied, Lucky Star and Higurashi. Higurashi made me do my first (sort of) same-season watch with its Rei OVA series in Winter 2009. My first same-season watches of TV series were the "second season" of Haruhi, and K-On! (picked up mid-season by my then-roommate for some reason, and I followed the suit) in Spring 2009. Most of what I watch since then is week-by-week keeping up - I tend to follow 3-4 series a season on average. I won't dive into detail about what I specifically watched or am watching now - see my MAL list if you're interested, link below.

Wiki record

For now, I initiated two pages on this wiki:

  • Manga differences - list of plot differences between anime and manga versions of the story
  • Episode revisions - list of differences made in the episodes for rebroadcasts and Blu-ray releases

Check them out and feel free to make corrections and expansions!

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