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A masked Newtype warrior/maho shojo from Side 3! MAGICAL☆BIRDY is readily equipped for battle, infused with the power of the Getter Rays, the G-Stone, the J-Jewel, Kenryo, the Ai-system, Ide, Spiral Energy, Red-Flame Energy, Nodos, the Dimensional Coupler System, Geass, Reideen, and the souls of dead Newtype soldiers. These powers are complemented by a custom-built Ideon, which, when in danger, can unleash all of it's AB Fields, Aegis Shields, Trapar Barriers, Anti-Particle E-Shields, Armule Luminiere Full Powers, AT-Fields, Aura Barriers, Beam Coats, Beam Coat Ss, Beam Deflection Fields, Beam Wings, Chakra Shields, Defensive Circles, Deflect Fields, Meiou Fields, Distortion Fields, DRAGOON Lumiere Fields, E-Fields, E-Shields, EMF Shields, Energy Shields, Energy Shield Ss, Psionic Barriers, Fire Walls, Gekigan Barriers, God Hand Finals, Gravity Territories, Gravity Walls, Hyper E-Shields, I-Fields, I-Field Barriers, Inertial Cancellers, Lambda Drivers, Magical I-Fields, Mamori no Kazes, Maser Reflectors, Matrix Fields, Mirror Coatings, Moonlight Butterflies, Nendou Fields, Nendou Field Ss, Nessar Barriers, Nu Gundam I-Fields, Orgone Clouds, Pinpoint Barriers, Planet Defensors, Positron Reflectors, Protect Shades, Protect Walls, Reflect Shields, Relum Dominatos, Scatter Beam Shields, Shamanic Distortion Fields, Sonic Shields, Sound Barriers, Spiral E-Fields, Super Distortion Fields, Super Magical I-Fields, TE Spheres, TK Fields, TK Field Ss, Waikyoku Fields, Warp Fields, X3 I-Fields, Xi Beam Barriers, and Zonder Barriers to form a protective shield around itself. MAGICAL☆BIRDY, along with the Ideon Kai Mk. II, is known to be one of the strongest forces within the known universe(s).

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