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I enjoyed Puella Magi Madoka Magica a lot.

Reviews & Reactions from around the Web


I thought these episode reviews were good. They are concise and illuminated with screencaps.

Method to Madness

Method to Madness review (2011-06-28)

Podcast review. The reviewers were both enthusiastic, but prone to digressions. I did not agree with them on every particular.

(One unusual view they express is that it was a mistake for the show to start with Madoka witnessing a battle between Homura and a giant monster then contracting, because it would be better for the audience to have no expectations regarding the characters. I disagree with this. There's an appropriate quote on the subject of suspense by Alfred Hitchcock that I would like to insert here if I can find it.)

Calling Hitomi ("green-haired girl") a harlot was unreasonable.