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Hello! I am Ritsu Miki, a girl and a big anime fan who is especially into Madoka Magica! I hope to be of some help to those on the Wiki in any way that I can. If you need anything, please don't hesitate to ask! I am into many aspects of the Madoka Magica fandom, including Oriko Magica, Madoka Magica Online, Manga Time Kirara Magica, The Different Story, Madoka Magica Portable, Grief Syndrome, and the merchandise collecting point. I try to give evrything a chance! Ritsu Miki 04:54, 19 January 2013 (UTC)

About me on the Wiki and in my Madoka Magica Fandom

  • I have no idea how to put a picture onto a page.
  • I can't give solid translations of difficult Japanese text.
  • I don't know how to make that box at the top of a page to link to each part of your page.
  • I mostly update stuff on products/merchandise/books of Madoka Magica.
  • My favorite character is Sayaka and my second favorite is Kyoko.
  • My least liked characters are Hitomi and Mami.
  • I hate yuri in Madoka Magica. (No offense to those who do, I just don't see it.)
  • I will also put up my opinions of certain Madoka Magica stuff on this page. (Ex. Grief Syndrome, Kirara Magica, etc..)
  • Most of the time, I want to do something on the Wiki, but I can't think of anything. If you have suggestions, please tell me. I really want to help out!
  • I collect A LOT of Madoka Magica items. If I ever learn how to properly post pictures, I'll show you some stuff that I have but haven't found on the Wiki yet.
  • Oh, and my first language is English.

Grief Syndrome

Grief Syndrome was a fan-made Madoka Magica game released in 2011, and I finally got my hands on a copy for 110$. Insane, I tell you.... But it was very good, even for the outrageous price. It is not region-locked, and you do not have to change your computer's language or region to play the game if you own it. The gameplay is nice, with the multiplayer bonus (I have no idea how to fit three player's controls on one keyboard.) and the wide variety of characters. My opinions on the characters are different from others. These being that Madoka is a very difficult character for me during battles on diagonal platforms, Homura has so many controls you get lost, Mami is pretty good and well-balanced all-in-all, Sayaka is very simple but has a useless special, Kyoko is too complicated for me, Homuhomu is very fun but her Soul Limit is very low, recommended only for multiplayer because even if she can attack other players with bombs, you don't really need them, and last Kyubey is... pointless. It's funny, though, at the same time. Its special is basically roll on the floor, which is so hilarious to me. Also, the easiest boss (In my opinion,) is Charlotte(And Elsa Maria!). Memorizing the doors isn't hard (Blue doors for the whole time until the final door and the Witch's attacks are simple to dodge. The hardest is by far H.N. Elly. Holes in the ground, electric TVs, flying familiars, and strange terrain make this so hard. Oktavia is also very difficult, but I won't judge Oktavia until I battle her with higher-level players. Anyways, those are my own opinions. Check out the Wiki page for additional information.

The Main Characters

The characters of Madoka Magica were so unique and new, especially our main 5. Now, this presents everyone with their task of choosing a favorite and most hated. Madoka was the most like your stereotypical main character, yet she didn't get the chance to do much. She isn't hated because she doesn't do anything wrong, nor is she adored because she doesn't stand out. Homura is very well liked, and I don't know why. She doesn't ever... explain herself. And the more I look at it, I like Homuhomu much more. She was caring and nice, and always tried her best. She also aligned/ attempted to align with the others. Mami... she's apparently 'tragic'. I don't think so. She's very cocky and doesn't give other magical girls a chance. She sees Homura once and never wants to see her again, and we call that nice. HOWEVER, when she is friends with everyone and plays her part, I have no problem with her. That's when you can say she's tragic. Sayaka is someone I can obviously praise because she's my favorite, but she does have faults. She hates Homura(Thank you, Mami.), fights for others(Thank you, Mami.), and tries to be perfect(Thank you, Mami.). However, even though I don't know WHY she is my favorite, I can say that she is definately epic. She gets the job done, and is unliked because she takes it too far. Somehow, I find the 'extra' part plain awesome. Lastly, Kyoko, the character no one can hate. Something in her makes people find her AWESOME, and the fact that she can win too makes her, well, awesomer. Her personlity lacks though. Inconsiderate to others, only thinking about herself, well, there's no excuse. But no matter what happens, she is always amazing.