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Greetings Madoka-natics. I recently made this account so let me tell you a little about about myself. My interests include writing, comedy, and watching anime.

My favorite aspect of Madoka Magica is definitely the Witches and the worlds that they live. I don't find them to be that scary, maybe just misunderstood. In fact, I'm following a fanfic that pertains to this idea.

Not All Bad

Also, there are two things I hope to contribute to this wiki; my poetry on the Witches, and my speculative descriptions of the Witches that appear in the manga Oriko + Kazumi.

Here's a sample of my poetry:

Helpless Stage Setting (aka Walpurgis Night)

A festival,

A wonderful festival,

I have come to this town

I am helpless

They are helpless

But this place is my stage!

I will put on a show

One they will never forget

A beautiful world of drama

A wonderful display of despair

How beautiful, joyful even.

My act is extraordinary!

People scream!

Towers burn and fly!

How exciting it is!

I laugh at the sight

As my clowns play around

The gears keep me down


It is part of my act

I cannot control it

But when I turn up,

The show is over

All I can do is laugh

I laugh as they scream

That doesn't matter

I will find another stage

I will turn again

The festival will go on

As I turn through time

Here are some links to my poetry, entitled "A Witch's Voice."

Deviantart account