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On 1/24/14, the teaser site was updated with a promotional video and information about upcoming changes to Madoka Magica Online.

The text of the info pages, translated (poorly) by Google:

Night of the disaster a " girl " , and day I became a magical girl . She wore glasses still , ... you have got the power to go back in time to arrive at " a new world " . There , it was gargle " senior " friendly . " Classmate " vivacious gave me call out . And ... was gargle " beloved friend " that would have had on the night of that storm . I could not also be re girl wearing glasses in a new time axis that everything has become restored , while still in pigtails innocent black hair , to hide the joy of reunion . Order to change the bad fate , she believed in " miracle " got begin fighting witches with friends who have reunited . However , experience is still shallow , a girl does not know way to fight it , had to visit the church on a small hill that no one in order to be strong in there . Girl tries to forge itself in there with views of the city live in them. However , magic to manipulate time still can not grasp , poor achievement . Just when I started at a loss , the girl would attacked witch appeared . Half-fledged girl hands and legs without leaving , I fall into a desperate struggle . It was of being helped at that time , suddenly appeared by " magic girl ponytail " . After drove off a witch , when I saw her that solved the transformation , the girl cry of surprise . Unlike the future that we have experienced , her ponytail was of wearing a school uniform . ...... Girl glasses realize . "I , ! 'm Really new to the world ...... in the power of magic " ... and , believe . That the force that got by contract , and back in time , it can change the destiny . By reborn strong and renew their determination to save the beloved friend from the night of Walpurgis . However , girl glasses - Akemi flame still do not know . The true meaning of changing the destiny . Come Tareri 's say from the deep darkness ~ . Let Kanaeyo the wishes of " all . "- In exchange for your soul

World of magical girl spreads , magical girls gather World spread , new friends , formidable enemy ( rival ) is waiting for you . You will be able to play and player reborn in the " Magical Girl Madoka ☆ Magika online," Rose of the existing world , dark , silver , shadow is integrated , was able to play together in another world until now . There may be a new rival appears able to find new friends by it is also can be . World of magical girl spread , you should be able to experience different from the ever " Magical Girl Madoka ☆ Magika online " . Along with that the world is spread , will greatly extend the 100 people from 55 people to limit the number of friends until now . ※ Mermaid world is the world of another still existing pursuant to the provisions of the platform .

I can play together , " Madoka ☆ Magika online " Meeting with colleagues , which is not seen yet is change the fate . The implementation team of the long-awaited ( guild ) function . Reborn in the " Magical Girl Madoka ☆ Magika online," that is called a "team" that the guild , make up a team , you can enjoy the content of a team dedicated and exchanges with team members . A new story starting from the battle between the teams Content as a new team from the long-awaited ( Guild ) function , and it is with implementation scheduled for team -only content . Team -only content is carried out battle between teams , it becomes the content Ke~tsusuru victory or defeat across teams . Details of team -only content will be announced again . Please, stay tuned because it becomes the content of team play and team cohesion members is the key .

Communication with everyone Communication is the key ? To see through the tactical situation in the exchange of information and opinions with peers ! You will be able to use the team bulletin board by join ( guild ) team and board of friends to each other by being a friend . The bulletin board , it is possible that it is possible to exchange opinions and information exchange with team members or friends , and the game to proceed more efficiently . Bulletin board , which is also frequently used in a team -only content , will have a significant impact reborn in the " Magical Girl Madoka ☆ Magika online " .

I save a magical girl everyone It purifies the soul gem , Save the magical girl ! Reborn in the " Magical Girl Madoka ☆ Magika online " , events that have subdue witch , collect the grief seed , to purify the soul gem of magical girl in question will occur . Along with the magical girl , the player a chance to win the grief seed point by selecting your favorite magical girl at the time of the event . It is another player , the form to compete with other groups at the point where the item can be won in a few you purify the soul gem using the grief seed , and won . Save the magical girl who divided into groups of magical girl , are facing a crisis ! The event occurs , the player chooses a magical girl on the side to save , I can be divided into groups , respectively . There is a Soul Gem in each group , in cooperation with the group player , to go to purify the soul gem . Also that " Walpurgis Night " will also be able to stand up with group members also other . Reward is to come in the point rankings , etc. for the group you belong to.

Magical girl who grows still Skills with a magical girl , the width of the tactics spread ! Reborn in the " Magical Girl Madoka ☆ Magika online " , a magical girl of each , specific skills will now stick . Skills depends on the type of magical girl , skill There are different types ( magic girl skill does not come also exist) . Combination of skills change in that, depending on the tactical situation , to swap the party , the width of the tactics spreads . Please experience the new combat . Inherit skill of magic other girl a magical girl favorite . Let Sodateageyo a magical girl of your own ! Reborn in the " Magical Girl Madoka ☆ Magika online " , will implement the " skill inheritance " system . By to be inherited from the magic other girl a magical girl that skill slot is present, the skill will inherit a magical girl to inherit from. Bring up a magical girl of your own magical girl favorite ! To strengthen the skills " Skills Enhancement Gem " , evolution synthesis to increase the upper limit of the weapon LV! Magical girls become stronger still . Reborn in the " Magical Girl Madoka ☆ Magika online," synthetic evolution up to the upper limit of the weapon LV add or strengthen the skills magical girls with the " Skills Enhancement Gem " will be implemented . You will be able to strengthen further and weapons magical girl that was strong until now .

The text of the info pages, in Japanese:

新生 Story















仲間 Team




生まれ変わる「魔法少女まどか☆マギカ オンライン」では、既存ワールドのローズ、ダーク、シルバー、シャドウが統合され、今までワールドが別で一緒にプレイできなったプレイヤーとプレイすることが可能になります。それにより新しいフレンドを見つけることもでき、また新しいライバルが現れることがあるかもしれません。魔法少女の世界は広がり、今までとは違う「魔法少女まどか☆マギカ オンライン」を体感できるでしょう。世界が広がることにともない、今までのフレンド上限人数を55人から100人に大幅拡張いたします。




待望のチーム(ギルド)機能を実装。生まれ変わる「魔法少女まどか☆マギカ オンライン」では、ギルドのことを「チーム」と呼び、チームを組むことで、チームメンバーとの交流やチーム専用のコンテンツを楽しむことができます。







フレンドになることでフレンド同士の掲示板やチーム(ギルド)を組むことでチーム内掲示板を使用できるようになります。掲示板では、フレンドやチームメンバーと情報交換や意見交換を行うことができ、より効率よくゲームを進めることが可能になります。チーム専用コンテンツでも頻繁に使用される掲示板が、生まれ変わる「魔法少女まどか☆マギカ オンライン」では大きな影響を与えるでしょう。


戦闘 Battle




生まれ変わる「魔法少女まどか☆マギカ オンライン」では、魔女を討伐し、グリーフシードを集めて、対象の魔法少女のソウルジェムを浄化させるイベントが発生いたします。イベント時にはプレイヤーは好きな魔法少女を選んで魔法少女とともに、グリーフシード・ポイントを獲得してもらいます。グリーフシードを使ってソウルジェムを浄化した数でアイテムが獲得ができ、獲得したポイントで他プレイヤー、他グループと競う形となります。





育成 Growth




生まれ変わる「魔法少女まどか☆マギカ オンライン」では、それぞれの魔法少女に、特有のスキルが付くようになります。スキルは魔法少女の種類によって異なり、様々なスキルが存在します(スキルが付かない魔法少女も存在します)。 戦況に応じて、パーティを入れ替えることでスキルの組み合わせも変わり、戦術の幅が広がります。新しい戦闘を体感してください。


生まれ変わる「魔法少女まどか☆マギカ オンライン」では、「スキル継承」システムを実装いたします。スキルスロットが存在する魔法少女に他の魔法少女を継承させることで、継承元の魔法少女にスキルが継承されます。お気に入りの魔法少女を自分だけの魔法少女に育てよう!


生まれ変わる「魔法少女まどか☆マギカ オンライン」では、魔法少女たちが持つスキルを強くする「スキル強化ジェム」の追加や武器LVの上限をアップさせる進化合成が実装されます。


New features being added:

  • Players from the four GG servers (Rose, Silver, Shadow, and Dark) can now play together. Mermaid will remain separate because Mermaid is hosted on a different platform.
  • The friends list size will be increased from 55 to 100.
  • Players can form Teams and Guilds. Teams can do team-only multiplayer content together, including team vs. team competitions. Guilds can form teams, and will be able to post on an in-game bulletin board with their friends. The bulletin board can be used to form teams, exchange information, or chat.
  • Additional details about team content will be announced in the future.
  • There will be events involving defeating witches and using their grief seeds to purify the soul gem of a magical girl. Groups will compete to purify soul gems.
  • You can upgrade your megucas by changing their skills. There will be a skill inheritance system and skill enhancement gems that improve their skills. New skills can be swapped depending on the situation, opening up a wide range of tactics.