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(Chapter 10: The Shallow Dream of Dawn)
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==Chapter 10: Dawn of a Shallow Dream ==
==Chapter 10: Dawn of a Shallow Dream ==
===Section 1: Daybreak Brings Disaster===
===Section 1: Daybreak Brings Disaster===

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This section may contain major spoilers!

Please refrain from reading if you are not yet familiar with all the latest media released.

Chapter 10: Dawn of a Shallow Dream

Section 1: Daybreak Brings Disaster

Iroha recalls the way her sister Ui would call her name when Eve had picked her up. She then suddenly realizes that Eve is in fact her sister Ui. Her long search is finally at an end: she had found her sister. Thanks to the branch of the Sakura tree blooming she knows this is true. Iroha is saddened however; she had always believed that her sister would be just like how she remembered her and instead she was a towering moth-like creature.

Elsewhere Alina laughs as she, Felicia, and Tsuruno pause for a moment in their battle. Felicia and Tsuruno are determined to stop Alina from getting any closer to Eve and allowing the creature to break free.

Rena and Kaede continue their own fight with Nemu, who giggles as an Uwasa escapes her book long enough to attack the two Magical Girls. Nemu explains how all the rumors she’s ever created are recorded in her book, and how it takes only a touch of magic to summon them once more. So long as they don’t keep their form, Nemu doesn’t have to risk carving off more of her lifespan.

Momoko breathes heavily as Touka asks her if she’s tired already. Kanagi worries she, Yachiyo, and Momoko won’t be enough to take Touka down by themselves. Yachiyo warns Touka her plans won’t go as she hopes they will since Eve will only come down to Kamihama and trample it all into dust only to have her battle with Walpurgisnacht detroy what’s left. Touka says she hopes that happens since all the emotion that’s unleashed by people will give Eve the energy it needs to finally hatch. According to Touka this can only leave Hope behind. Yachiyo argues that that hope will be warped in time by the guilt of future magical girls when people everywhere realize the price that was paid for that hope. Touka shrugs it off; the way she figures it only the Feathers will have to suffer the consequences of their actions and no one from then on will be able to turn into a Witch so why worry. Touka turns to break the chains holding back Eve. Kanagi tries to warn her, but Yachiyo is struck down by Touka before she can react.

Mami calls out to Yachiyo as she sees what happens from afar. The Holy Quintet have been hard at work trying to keep the familiars at bay but with hundreds in the air around them it’s no use. Madoka suggests they cut a path open so they can get to the others to help them and Kyoko agrees.

Iroha cries as she resolves to destroy Eve but realizes she may be killing her own sister in the process. She wonders if she can really go through with it as Sana consoles her. Sana reminds her that the Magius called her “incomplete”, so there may be a way to bring Ui back. Iroha agrees just as Eve begins to struggle against its restraints. Sana can sense a Witch approaching closer and Iroha knows that Eve is reacting to the magical signature. Iroha wonders what they can do as Eve’s wings break free and Eve begins to take flight.

The mass of wind from her wings knocks the Magius away from her, allowing the Magical Girls of Kamihama and Mitakihara a chance to gather together in order to defeat Eve. Kaede points to Eve, drawing everyone’s attention to it as it begins to topple over and crush the forest beneath it. Eve begins to thrash about itself as the Magical girls look on, unsure of what to do next. Momoko urges everyone to hurry towards Eve so they can defeat it before it can get to Kamihama and drown the city in its curses.

Tsuruno is just able to dodge a landslide of rocks coming at her as she warns Yachiyo they’ll have to time their attacks right or risk being crushed by the senseless thrashing of Eve. Nemu smiles at the thought that the two ultimate Witches have come together in the same city while Alina laughs at their attempts to stop Eve. Touka promises they’ll leave them to fight Eve as much as they want, so confident is she in their inability to stop Eve.

Felicia readies her hammer as she and the others prepare to kill Eve. Iroha calls out to everyone to stop as she and Sana catch up to them. She begs them to spare Eve until they hear what she has to say. Everyone is surprised to hear her say that and Alina laughs as she suspects Iroha’s odd memories to be behind her strange behavior. Iroha explains that Eve is in fact her sister and isn’t a Witch even if she looks like one at that moment. She then demonstrates the branch of the Sakura Rumor that bloomed after Eve had touched it and explains how the rumor came true because all four of them are once more in the same location. Touka is surprised to find the branch had bloomed while Nemu doesn’t remember adding any particulars to the Rumor when she created it. Nemu shrugs it off as coincidence and prefers to believe that the massive impurities emanating from Eve are to blame for the Rumor acting oddly. Touka quickly agrees with Nemu and the three Magius leave.

Eve’s familiars begin flying in droves towards Kamihama and Walpurgisnacht. Mami isn’t too concerned, however, as the remaining magical girls of Kamihama stayed behind to protect the city and should be able to handle the familiars. But Kyoko isn’t so sure since there are countless Familiars swarming towards the city.

Hinano and Nanaka survey the city. Hinano can see the swarm of familiars coming at them while Nanaka notes a cackling voice she heard not too long ago. Nanaka believes they’ll be able to handle the army of familiars due to their numbers provided they all work together, but Hinano is worried they’ll be able to coordinate effectively since many of them are so unfamiliar with each other. Natsuki uses her magic to cheer on the others and boost their magic.

The battle with the familiars has only just begun as Emiri finishes off some of the Blue Noses. She notices that the familiars tend to attack in a straight line, much like a parade. Nanaka notes they’ve survived the first wave of attacks and is cautiously optimistic. Asuka believes if they can protect the bay area, they’ll be able to stymy the familiars and allow them to get more even footing against Walpurgisnacht. But that plan will only work if they familiars keep to one location. Emiri points to the sky as the swarms of Eve’s familiars begin to reach Kamihama. Nanaka senses magic and warns the others as another wave of Walpurgisnacht’s familiars materialize before them, only this time they’ve begun to appear in other parts of the city as well. Walpurgis’ familiars seem to be responding to the presence of Eve’s familiars. Nanaka turns to Hinano and defers the next decision to her as Hinano is the most experienced Magical Girl among them. Hinano thinks hard, realizing that they could wait for Walpurgis to come to them but left unattended the familiars may turn into Witches themselves. She orders everyone to split into teams so they can effectively take down the familiars before the damage gets greater. So long as the other Magical Girls can take down Eve that should effectively get rid of half of the familiars attacking Kamihama.

Mitama looks at the destruction where Fendt Hope once stood. Tsukasa contacts Mitama via telepathy by using her unique magic to boost the signal. After they both realize that Eve must have broken free from her restraints during the earthquake, they inform Mitama that Mifuyu was badly injured after she cast an illusion on herself so she could destroy Fendt Hope. Mitama tells them to wait for her at her place as she has one last thing to take care of before she can meet them there.

Section 4: Implied Calamity

Alina uses her magic to create a perfect barrier where Eve can maintain her form despite losing Ui, her core. She then dons on the Christmas rumor and uses the undying Eve as her target, granting her invincibility and unlimited power, causing even more destruction in the city.

She claimed that humans are self-destructive and thus love her arts based on life and death, and she will create more by using Eve as her brush. She invites Kanagi to join her as she also knows her hatred of the city.

The matured Kanagi is not much interested in her offer, and her decision is made when her partner in crime Mitama, who has also grown, decides to protect the city as well.

The team are too spent to put up a fight, and Alina being invincible makes matter worse. Nemu decides to cancel off Alina's rumor with all of her power, meaning she is going to sacrifice herself to pay for her crimes.

Since she is the only one with flight, no one is able to stop her, and she successfully finishes off Alina while slipping into a coma, not sure if she is dead or alive.

However, Eve is still around and bent on causing destruction until she eventually collapses now that Alina is gone. Despite using the final grief seeds and combining their powers, the team is unable to destroy Eve, and it is not an option to wait for it to collapse naturally since the city will be gone by then.

Ui volunteers to become Eve's core to stop her rampage, but the rest thinks she would just be caught in Eve's rampage instead. When all seems to be lost, the small Kyubey steps up.

With the memories it gained from the main story, it volunteers to become Eve's core. Touka notes that being part of the emotionless Kyubey system, it becoming the core can prevent Eve's rampage while at the same time making their plan fruitful. Being too tired to stop, the team watches the small Kyubey join Eve.

The process is a success and both the small Kyubey and Eve disappear, becoming the system which would ensure any magical girls in Kamihama will not turn into a witch with the self-cleansing system.

On the other side, the Holy Quintet and the Kamihama magical girls' alliance are having a tough time against Walpurgisnacht and her familiars, so Iroha's team decide to go aid them.