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This page will cover the original event story and the extra story chapters added in the re-run.

Original Event Story

Chapter 1

Kokoro Awane vents to Masara Kagami about how exhausting it is to hunt witches. She mentions how she hasn't been able to go mountain climbing lately and hasn't been able to relax. Masara asks why she likes mountain climbing, because she doesn't particularly like (or dislike) anything. She's interested in how Kokoro became interested in mountain climbing. Kokoro's speechless. She monologues about how Masara always suddenly asks such strange questions. It's one of the reasons why she stays with Masara, because she's so mysterious. At any rate, Kokoro answers that mountain climbing is associated with her favorite memory. The last thing she did with all the people in her family was mountain climbing. That was before her mom left their family, which was a long time ago.

Sometime later, Masara goes to Mitama Yakumo's place by herself. Mitama observes that she's by herself, to which Masara coolly replies that it's not like they're always together. After strengthening her soul gem, Mitama notices that she's been staring at a hiking event flyer. She asks if Masara's interested in the event. Masara specifies that she isn't interested, but "that girl" mentioned something like this. She remembers what Kokoro said about mountain climbing and how it's her favorite memory. Mitama finds out and then suggests that they go together to the hiking event. Masara looks reluctant, not because she's too shy to ask, but because she thinks that Kokoro should go with her family. If Masara asked Kokoro, she'd be treading on that memory. Mitama tells Kokoro she looks like the "cool" type and calls her a kuudere. When Masara looks confused, Mitama tells her to try looking it up later.

Chapter 2

Sometime later, Kokoro and Masara go to Mitama's. Mitama tells Kokoro about the Hiking Quiz Rally event, and asks if she's interested, since she's into mountain climbing. Masara tries to interrupt but Mitama stops her and tells her to leave it to her. Anyway, the event is that weekend, which is bad timing for Kokoro. She has homework due at the beginning of the week. Mitama is surprised at how simple her excuse is, and says that Masara could just do Kokoro's homework, since she's a genius. Masara tells Mitama not to joyfully urge them to do something delinquent like that. Kokoro agrees and calls Mitama the caretaker of all the magical girls. Mitama complains she's still only 17. Ignoring Mitama, Kokoro brings the conversation back to hiking, saying she wanted to participate with Masara. Kokoro tells Masara to forget it, it's just another one of her delusions. Besides, Masara doesn't seem like the kind of person who'd like hiking. Masara reluctantly tells Kokoro she wouldn't mind going if Kokoro went, prompting Kokoro to consider changing her mind. Mitama eggs her on. If they go, they'll learn a lot of things and have a lot of fun. It's important to balance studying and playing. Kokoro spends a few more lines thinking about it, but finally decides to go. Mitama's pleased and Masara's surprised. Kokoro wonders why Mitama wants them to go so badly, and that's when they find out that Mitama wants them to get the first place prize from the Quiz Rally. The prize is...5kg of brand-name, extremely high quality rice. Kokoro doesn't think that they can get the rice since it's the first place prize and the event seems to be aimed at adults. Mitama thinks they'll be fine with Kokoro's mountain climbing experience and Masara's knowledge. Kokoro giggles over how high Mitama's expectations are for them.

Chapter 3

Mitama takes the girls shopping at an outdoor section. Kokoro points out that they're not going mountain climbing, so they don't need outdoor gear. Mitama thinks that they do need to, since they're after first place.

First, they consider shoes. Kokoro doesn't think they need mountain climbing shoes, and asks if Masara has regular sneakers. She doesn't, which stuns Kokoro. Masara asks Kokoro to help her pick a pair and she gladly agrees. Masara looks at the climbing shoes but Kokoro thinks that she should just get a pair of shoes that she can wear normally too. She picks out a pair of navy sneakers that might look good on Masara. Masara decides to get them. Kokoro is surprised Masara agreed so easily and asks if she doesn't have a preference. Masara says she doesn't have a favorite color and says it's fine since it's something Kokoro liked. Kokoro wonders if Masara really doesn't care of if she's cute.

They move on to looking at bento boxes. Kokoro picks out a paper lunchbox which they can fold once they're done eating since it's light and easy to carry. Mitama comes back suggesting that they buy some bear repellant spray and Kokoro asks what mountain she's planning on climbing. Kokoro notices that Mitama doesn't have anything and asks if she'll be okay without rain gear and other things. Mitama points out that she's the one who invited Kokoro to the event, and tells her not to underestimate her. A long time ago, she was known as the mountain girl, apparently. She changes the subject after Masara and Kokoro poke holes in her attempt to brag, asking them if they've got everything they need.

Chapter 4

The girls are back at Mitama's and it's the day before the event. Kokoro's clearly excited and Masara's as stone-faced as always. Mitama made a list of things to help them remember what to take. Mitama seems to have made the list with things high school girls need including lip balm and selfie sticks. Kokoro and Masara lightly scold Mitama, who complains about how they can't take a joke again. Masara wonders what they should do about lunch. Kokoro is going to bring her own homemade lunch, along with Masara's. Masara is surprised but leaves it to Kokoro.

Time fast-forwards to the following day. It's 10 minutes before the start time and Mitama's running late. One of the people running the event tells everyone that looking up the answers to the quiz on a smartphone is forbidden, so they must all give their phones to the staff. Kokoro asks and receives permission to use her phone for one more phone call. They try to get a hold of Mitama and Mitama answers. Mitama was busy baking sweet potatoes for them to eat as well and Kokoro reminds her that the event is going to being in ten minutes. Kokoro scolds her for being so carefree about it, and says that she can still make it. Mitama is startled, and says that she wasn't planning to go anyway--she doesn't want a sunburn since it'll turn her skin bright red. She then points out that she never said she was going to participate. Kokoro thinks back on various things Mitama has said and notes that Mitama seemed to be the one most excited about the event. Mitama explains that she was after the first place prize rice, but she wants Masara and Kokoro to team up and win it for her. She then hangs up on Kokoro since her sweet potatoes are ready. This startles both Masara and Kokoro.

Chapter 5

Masara and Kokoro talk about how Mitama baited them and left them to do the event. Although Masara realizes that she was actually the trigger, since she was the one who showed interest in the flyer in the first place. She keeps this a secret from Kokoro. The two girls reach the first checkpoint with the first quiz. Kokoro thinks that the quiz is harder than she first thought, since there's a lot of quizzes and the checkpoints themselves are hidden. First question: There is a famous bald bird called a "vulture" but there's also a bird called a "bald parrot". True or False? Kokoro laughs at the question and thinks it's got to be false. As a result, she's surprised that Masara replies that it's true. She explains that the bald parrot is an actual bird that was discovered around 20 years ago, something she learned from watching some TV show. They move on to the next question, which asks them who is telling the truth out of 3 people. Masara quickly solves the problem and walks Kokoro through to the answer. Time fast-forwards to the fourth question, "This happens twice a day but happens once per year. What is it?" It's a Japanese word pun that Kokoro solves and she's happy that she solved a problem before Masara did.

Chapter 6

They've just finished the sixth question and Kokoro suggests that they stop for lunch. Masara declines and says she's fine going at Kokoro's pace. Kokoro warns her not to hold back but Masara tells her she doesn't want to hear that from her. They then stop for lunch. Masara thanks Kokoro and they dig in. Masara thinks that it's delicious, which has Kokoro delighted. Kokoro thinks to herself, "Masara's usually cool times like this where nothing's happening she surprises me. Though if I said something like this, then she might get mad, but...I secretly think that part of her is kinda cute." Masara comments on how Kokoro is good at cooking. Kokoro admits she is, since she's been cooking instead of her mom. Masara makes a sad face and when Kokoro notices, she insists she's fine. Kokoro reaches into her bag to serve Masara tea, only to find that it's been replaced by "Mitama's Specially Made Energy Drink". Kokoro says that it explains why her bag seemed to weigh more than it should. Then they find out that she packed it into Masara's bag too. They comment on the chemical color of the liquid, noting it looks like nothing that any human should put in their mouth. But they decide to be nice and take a sip. Back at Mitama's, she thinks that her special drink guarantees their victory. But in reality, Kokoro narrates that their movements became slower instead because of how awful the drink was.

Chapter 7

Now they've finished ten questions. Kokoro observes that she saw a lot of people at the start line, but it seems like they've seen fewer and fewer people now. She's worried that they're behind. Masara tells her that's not true and to look behind them. She does so, seeing a bunch of people and realizes that they're in the lead. They look for the twelfth question, but can't seem to find it. While they were looking for it, other people have caught up to them.

Next, Kokoro notices they've come to a fork in the road. She asks Masara which way they should go. Masara remembers that a team that passed them went to the right and haven't come back since then. Which means that there's a good chance that the checkpoint is over to the right somewhere. Suddenly, Masara's soul gem reacts, but the reaction is pointing them in the opposite direction. Kokoro can't believe how horrible the timing is and Masara talks about how being a magical girl can be miserable because you can't even enjoy a hike without getting bothered by witches/familiars. They defeat the witch Rebecca. Kokoro's glad they managed to defeat it, but they've lost a lot of time. They wonder how far the other teams have gone ahead of them, and just as they're about to head back to the fork Kokoro spots the next checkpoint. They're surprised that there's a checkpoint in a place like this. Masara comments on how far off course the checkpoint is, and that, putting the quizzes aside, just finding the checkpoints is quite difficult. Kokoro agrees and thinks that they can have a comeback victory.

Chapter 8

They've reached the summit and they've made up for the time they lost defeating the witch. Since there's still an hour left, Masara asks to see what they've answered for the quizzes so she can double-check their work. More time passes and Kokoro suggests they take a break to enjoy the view. Suddenly, Masara realizes that Kokoro is tearing up. The view reminded her of a lot of things, so she started to cry. There's a flashback where Kokoro remembers when her family went hiking. Her mom points out how nice the view is, and her dad offers to put her up on his shoulders. Masara apologizes for being the one with Kokoro right now. Kokoro tells her she misunderstood since these are tears of joy. She never thought she could see such a beautiful sight again with Masara since she's always been alone on her hikes ever since her mother left. There's another flashback, this time of Kokoro telling Masara that she's going to try to be more honest about her feelings and that she's decided to live for herself. Masara clarifies, saying that Kokoro doesn't have to force herself to smile and that's it's okay to say that she really wanted to go hiking with her family. Kokoro is glad she didn't hold back. Kokoro flashes back to when she got an answer right before Masara, when they ate lunch and when they saw the view. Kokoro tells Masara, "When I looked to my were there, Masara...When we ate bento was so delicious...When we both said that the scenery was beautiful...I was glad I didn't hold back. I'm glad that I didn't hold back...and that I said that I wanted to go with you, Masara. Masara thinks it is just like she thought, and that being with Kokoro wears her out. Masara gets tired because Kokoro stirs up emotions she's unfamiliar with and she doesn't know how to deal with them. But after seeing the scenery today, it got her thinking that maybe something beautiful is waiting somewhere beyond the fatigue.

Chapter 9

Kokoro is done crying it out and Masara offers her a handkerchief. The word "tears" gets Masara thinking and it helps her solve the last question. Masara explains why it's the answer to Kokoro. The event staff member announces that they're collecting the answers now. The girls turn their answers in. They find out that they ended up winning the 5kg bag of rice, which will be delivered to the address they provided. It makes Kokoro laugh for some reason and brings a smile to Masara's face.

Chapter 10

Back at Mitama's, Kokoro hauls the bag of rice in. Apparently, Kokoro had it delivered to her house since they didn't know the address for Mitama's house. They thought that Mitama was going to go too so they didn't ask beforehand either. Mitama stresses that she never intended to go and Kokoro points out how she was the one that pushed them to go shopping for supplies and whatnot. Masara agrees. Mitama scolds them for being young and short-tempered then says that it's all good because they got the rice. Kokoro thinks the only one that benefited from that was Mitama. The Adjuster offers them lunch but Masara declines because it's well-known that Mitama's cooking is awful. Mitama wonders who gave her such bad reviews and then changes the subject again, asking them if they're glad that they went. Kokoro tells her yes while Masara remains silent. Mitama giggles and tells Kokoro to thank Masara in particular. She explains how Masara was interested in the event since Kokoro's number one memory was of hiking with her family. Kokoro thanks Masara, who tries to brush it off. When Kokoro asks if they can go again, Masara says she won't go anymore since her sneakers are already worn out. Kokoro laughs and tells her they can start by buying new sneakers together. Kokoro thinks to herself, "Hiking with my family was my number one memory and nothing had topped it for all this time. Thank you. With your extremely awkward kindness, you once again turned the hand of my clock that had been frozen. From now on and many times after that, paint over my 'number one memory', okay?"

Rerun Extra Chapters

The extra chapters are a perspective flip of the original event story, from Mitama's point of view.

Episode Eleven

Masara has gone to Mitama's place with an intent look on her face. Mitama then notices that Masara is holding a flyer for a hiking event and asks if she's interested. Masara explains she's not the one who was interested in it, but Kokoro wouldn't stop talking about it. It was rare for Mitama to see Masara have something on her mind like that. But it seems that Masara believed that it would be better for Kokoro to go hiking again with her family rather than with a friend. Mitama thinks Masara shouldn't hesitate to speak up and invite Kokoro to the event, but also that it's not her place to say these kinds of things. Still, the thought of the two of them not together leaves her feeling unsatisfied. Masara notices the far-off look on Mitama's face but Mitama says her mind just wandered for a bit. Masara takes her leave and goes, but not before leaving the flyer for the event behind. Mitama takes a closer look at the flyer and reads that the first place prize is a 5 kilogram bag of premium high-quality rice. Knowing what an expensive and hard to get brand the bag of rice is, Mitama is now determined to have Kokoro (who is an experienced hiker) and Masara (who is very knowledgeable) win the rice for her, although Mitama tells herself that working together on this kind of event would be good for them as well. She decides to meddle with them just this once. The next day, Kokoro had come to the shop for a tune-up so Mitama casually brought up the hiking rally to her. Kokoro thought it sounded like a great idea and was easily convinced to go to the event.

Later that day, Mitama receives payment from Momoko Togame for an adjustment. Mitama asks Momoko if it isn't important to be properly prepared. Momoko looks at her suspiciously and asks her what she's up to. Mitama looks offended and says she's making her sound like she's up to something, but admits she is up to a teensy bit of meddling. Mitama asks Momoko what kind of food would be best to take with you on a hiking trip. Seeing how seriously Mitama is taking this, Momoko suggests that water would be good to take. Mitama thinks that's a great idea and thinks to herself if they were to take a special drink filled with love with them on their hiking trip then, along with good hiking gear, they'll be sure to win. She figures the two of them will show up at her shop sometime tomorrow. Out loud, Mitama declares she'll have to go somewhere to get a bit of this and that.

Episode Twelve

Mitama has dragged Masara and Kokoro to the mall without a word of explanation as soon as they arrived at her shop, as Masara points out. Mitama tells her there's no need to complain already and points to a shop full of outdoor gear, citing the importance of preparation. Kokoro agrees that preparation is important but points out they won't be climbing a mountain so they shouldn't be needing so much gear for a simple hiking trip. Mitama shakes her head and reminds her they're aiming for first place so they should be completely prepared for anything. She takes this moment to sneak off to get what she thinks they'll need from a nearby supermarket while they're distracted. She waves goodbye to them and runs off.

At the supermarket, Mitama recalls that Ria once mentioned amazake[1] as being good for curing fatigue. While Mitama finds the Amazake base, she also remembers a time when Sasara was informing Asuka that water alone wasn't enough to stave off heat stroke and salt is also needed. As Mitama stocks up on salt, she then remembered when Karin suggested chocolate for feeling energized when you're tired so Mitama grabs several bars of it. Yachiyo had once given Mitama several vitamin supplements she had received from her work so Mitama decides to add that in to the drink as well once she gets back. Mitama continues to do her shopping based on all the "helpful tips" she's overheard in her shop.

Mitama is pleased with herself and all the shopping she did, since she bought so much stuff that the delivery fee was free. She looks around for Masara and Kokoro and finds them picking out a bento box together.

When Masara informs Kokoro that she already owns a bento box, Kokoro looks at her and says these ones are different and shows her how it folds flat when you're done. Mitama looks at them and smiles. The reason she felt so unsatisfied with how Masara didn't ask Kokoro out is because Mitama knows that the two of them would be able to understand and accept one another. Having someone who understands you is an incredibly precious thing and Mitama wants the two of them to have that in each other. Mitama looks at the two fondly until a can of bear-repelling spray catches her eye. Having bought the repellant, Mitama calls her shopping trip complete.

Episode Thirteen

Mitama sings to herself as she adds the amazake and salted kelp to a pot. She then adds chocolate and the supplements before stirring it around. Momoko stares at her with a concerned look on her face before finally asking her what she's trying to make. Mitama calls it her special energy drink. Momoko shakes her head and tells her the only thing special about it is how fast it's going to kill someone when they drink it. Mitama is once more offended and warns Momoko she won't give her any to drink if she's going to be mean to her like that. Momoko then opens her eyes wide when she realizes her concoction is meant to be drunk and wonders if she's to blame for this somehow when she had suggested a drink for a hiking trip. All Momoko had wanted to do was come over for an enhancement but now she finds Mitama trying to homebrew sports drinks. She decides to stick around and keep an eye on her so the drink only ends up being hideously terrible instead of lethal.

Mitama finishes finding her blending and fills it up with the mess she's made before looking around for anything else she can throw in. Momoko can't believe the drink has already tipped over into lethal range the second after she'd made up her mind. Mitama turns the blender on as Momoko begs her to stop what she's doing. The blender makes sick sounds as it tries to break down the random assortment of ingredients Mitama had added. When she finishes blending it, she offers Momoko a cup to test the effectiveness of the drink. Momoko stares at the odd color before resigning herself to her cruel fate. Momoko takes a sip before wishing whoever this drink is fated for the best. Momoko collapses to the floor unconscious as Mitama fills a few bottles of the stuff.

When Masara and Kokoro arrive at her shop, Masara asks what they'll be doing for lunch since they'll have to bring their own food. While they're distracted by their conversation, Mitama slips a few bottles of the stuff into their backpacks. The two soon leave and Mitama congratulates herself on her plan as she daydreams about the big bag of rice she'll soon have in her hands. Mitama is sure the two of them will have lots of fun on the hike since the two of them make the perfect combination. She notes how Masara is surprisingly observant of other people despite her seemingly curt nature, whereas Kokoro has something hidden deep inside her outwardly cheerful personality. The two of them remind her of herself and Kanagi and knows they'll support one another. It's because of this similarity that Mitama feels was the real reason she felt like meddling. With nothing better to do, Mitama decides to make some sweet potatoes as a little reward for when they get back. Noting how many ingredients she has leftover from her "special energy drink", Mitama figures she can make all kinds of sweet potatoes.

Episode Fourteen

After getting back from her hiking trip with Kokoro, Masara still can't understand why Mitama pushed them to go together. Masara is still thinking this over when Mitama finished her alignment. Mitama gets Masara's attention and comments on how rare it is for her to be so distracted. She asks if anything happened and, after a long pause, Masara says she isn't sure. Mitama offers to lend her an ear and offers to give her some advice, especially since Masara is younger than her. Masara asks if she isn't making fun of her but Mitama assures her she's not. Masara describes everything and Mitama listens intently. It seems that Masara had thought that the lunch they ate during the hike seemed especially delicious even though none of it was any of her favorite foods. Also, she had been talking with Kokoro and Aimi at school about the hike. Kokoro had told Aimi that she only used normal ingredients to cook the bentos, so Aimi figured she must be that good of a cook. Kokoro had denied it saying it was just normal cooking but Aimi insisted that the snacks Kokoro had made were especially tasty before turning to Masara. Kokoro then said it must have been the fresh mountain air that made the rice seem so delicious. Masara says it felt just right and asked Mitama if she understood why. Mitama says she did and Masara pressed her for the reason. Mitama says that such a feeling is difficult to put into words, but the best way to describe it would be to say "it felt special to you". Masara stares at her before saying that was the most incomprehensible thing she's heard. Mitama says she may not understand it now, but one day it'll all suddenly make sense to her.


  • What has Kokoro cracking up is that both birds have "hage" in their name. In Japanese, "hage" means bald/balding. And a vulture is a "bald hawk" or "hagetaka".
  1. Amazake is a traditional sweet, low-alcohol Japanese drink made from fermented rice.

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