Oriko Magica Sadness Prayer: Chapter 17

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In Mitakihara Middel School, Madoka talks to her friend Sayaka Miki about her encounters with Sasa and her Witches, believing it to be a strange dream. Sayaka asks her for more details when they pass by Homura in the hallway who smiles at Madoka. Sayaka laughs as she pokes fun at Madoka getting flustered while Homura and another classmate Hitomi Shizuki walk together. Hitomi tries to talk to Homura, but Homura is preoccupied with something else on her mind. Sayaka urges Hitomi and Homura to catch up to her and Madoka, Homura thinks to herself about how off this timeline is; there have been no indications that Kyubey is stalking Madoka and Sayaka hasn't become a magical girl yet either, but even so Madoka was put in danger by another magical girl she doesn't know. Homura's not sure if it was just random chance or that someone else was getting in the way, but as for why and what purpose she has no idea as she doesn't know who her enemy is. Mami calls out to and approaches Homura asking if she has the time to chat, but Homura just glares at her in response.