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This theory is debunked. It is archived here for the sake of completeness, but please don't take it as facts.
For other analysis and articles, see Articles. For speculations and theories, see Theories.
Thanks to Tech Knight for this one.


  1. Homura is future Madoka.
  2. Some time in the future, Madoka wishes to go back to the past, in order to prevent Mami's death.
  3. The plan backfires. She learns things about Mami she did not know before. Mami hates this "Homura" girl for getting in the way or whatever.
  4. Mami Dies.
  5. Homura tries in vain to stop Madoka from wishing to go back in time.
  6. Homura fails. She dies soon after due to something unforeseen.
  7. Madoka wishes to go back to the past to prevent Mami's death...
  8. ???

Another bit was that Madoka tried to warn Mami even further back. And found out something about her that she did not want to know, helping in creating the stoic personality.

Homura is referring solely to Mami when she refers to how many magical girls shes seen die, due to her groundhog day loop.

  • Early concept art of Homura shows her holding a bow and this combined with her shield is a representation of Archer's Broken Phantasm and Rho Aias