The Different Story Witches

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While a number of witches appear in Puella Magi Madoka Magica: The Different Story, the vast majority of them remain unnamed. Below are images of the various witches that appear throughout the series in order of appearance.

Unnamed Witch 1

The first witch Mami fights. It shares a similar appearance to Elly. She saves the two new unnamed magical girls from it, giving them the Grief Seed afterwards.

Minotaur Witch

The second witch shown and the first witch Kyoko fights. It's presumed this is the same witch Kyoko fails to defeat in Drama CD 3 since the Minotaur Witch uses decoys just like the CD Witch. Kyoko also remarks in the manga how she won't let it get away this time. Her use of a decoy is similar to Charlotte; her true form is her axe.

Unnamed Familiar

A group of familiars Mami and Kyoko fight. They don't seem to have a witch.

Unnamed Witch 2

A witch Mami and Kyoko briefly fight.