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This profile is really bad, and empty. I am a great Madoka Magica fan, dedicated mostly to the Witches and their psychological stuff. I am one of the admins in the "Church of Madoka" group on Steam, and am always looking to make friends.

Requirements for friends: Madoka Fan. Not constantly speaking in memes and imageboard terms. Extra Bonus if you love roleplay.

Claudia von Stillfried (CLAUDIA VON STILLFRIED) is a Fan Witch I designed for a still ongoing RP.

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Claudia von Stillfried

Runesclaudia Von stillfried
TypeMemorial Witch

The memorial witch whose nature is to pity. Remembering her life as a magical girl, she wanders around, projecting her most valued memories onto her barrier's walls. She wants everyone to view her memories and witch transformations that she once had witnessed. All must know the truth and drown in pity, forever memorizing the fallen girls.


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TypeMemorial witch's minion
DutyCarry the Memories

They carry her like ants carry a basket, and they may change their shape to resemble those the witch remembers. But their limit is shapes, they cannot replicate colours, clothes or weapons, and instead will shape their own bodies to mimic them. They can never replace the memory.

Witch card template3Largequestionmarks50.png


TypeMemorial witch's minion

The Memorial Witch's Eyes, Alfred stalks those inside her barrier and memorizes them for her. He is quick to escape and rather sneaky.


The Oilfields
An almost empty area, only Oil Derricks and a large cocoon-like object in the middle, anchored to the ground between several of the derricks. The sky is grey and the clouds move silently.

The Witch sleeps, oblivious. It represents how the girl was before she became a magical girl, blissfully unaware, "slumbering" in her room with her photography.
There are no familiars in this barrier. If aggravated enough, the cocoon will unravel, and trigger the next phase. The Oil Derricks will spew oil fountains high, and the skybox will blot out, as if one poured oil onto a snowglobe.

The Fake-Town
A copy of Tasogarogashi, made of polaroid images of varying sizes and shapes aswell as other photography accessoires, two dimensional trees, cut out stage object etcetera.
There are runes scattered around the city with hidden messages. There are seven such areas in total, and they are set up like seven "boss" stages an intruder has to pass.
Wether they decipher the runes or not does not matter. Generally, a large Clemens waits for them there, morphed into one of their friends, or themselves.
The Runes

The Darkroom
A grey landscape of bleakness. It is as bleak as the witches hope.
The sky of this realm is pitch black. It appears to be a giant domed sky of blackness, like a giant darkroom.
From the roof hang large cables in arcs, on which large polaroid photoes hang. Only one of them shows an image. It shows an image of green haired girl.
The witch haunts this place, while, from its round large eyes, it projects it's memories onto the far distant horizon walls. Eternally, all the time.
Pictures of people she knows. The barrier shows locations, the witch shows people, and other significant memories.

High-Level Barrier: Walpurgis-Level
The World of Truth.
It is as jaded as those who are left in it.
In this world, no one fears the dark truth anylonger.
Everybody knows about it. The world moves on, while everybody withers away in the face of the truth.
One day, there will be no one left to percieve any truth.
Without anyone to percieve anything, an ultimate truth is created.

Production Note

"A Magical Girl who wished for a friend she can depend on.
She has been confronted with the truth the moment after she made her wish.
Her pity for the witches grew, and she started to wish she could make these lost girls be remembered.
People need to know. About witches. About the missing girls. Remember them. Remember them. Don't forget our sacrifice."

Speculations and Observations

  • She seems to be able to speak in the voice of her former self.
    • There is a possibility that this witch's speaking is only a memory and not conscious.
  • She has three barriers
    • The first barrier only appears when she hatches, during the Witch Transformation, or from Grief Seed
  • Her first barrier never looks the same, taking on traits of the area she hatches in.
  • Her name is derieved from Baron Raimund von Stillfried, an Austrian Photographer, and some Claudia I don't remember sadly.
    • The name can also be a reference to a Graveyard or Memorials. "Still" means silent in german, and "fried" is in the word "Friedhof", coming from "Frieden" which is Peace. So, silent peace.
  • The "Camera Man" Familiar is inspired by <That butler whose head is a recording camera from something I forgot>
  • The Witch is based on the "organization-of-african-unity-monument".
  • The Witch can extend a large amount of "camera-film" that serves as tentacles from the windows in its main body, but not the head. Their length has no limit, but cannot extend a certain radius around the witch.
  • Seems to be able to interact with radio or TV technology. She has settled down in a TV broadcast station once and sent a broadcast onto a random channel, showing her memories on that channel.

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Themes (All of these are borrowed and I take no credit. I simply interpret them and use them for inspiration, molding my story around it, and it around the story)

First Barrier's Theme A Tranquil Theme. Resembling the slumber.

Witches Main Theme The "pulsing" sound is the rapid changes of image projections, too fast for a dia-show, too slow for a movie. Like 1 or 2 FPS around that. This theme is meant to sound despairing and it was what inspired me more for this witch.

Heroic Fight Theme The heroic and heart wrenching fight against a former ally. A twisted version of her former self, righteous in her own belief.

Dramatic Fight Theme The dramatic version of the above. The witch, it mourns of its former self. It pities itself, but it cannot control its nature. A sad fight.

Voice Broadcast Flashbacks of her former life, broadcast through TV stations at low FPS. Sharing the "Truth". This is preceded by mysterious inteference. (Lyrics not meant to match. It is meant to feel eerie and melancholic)

World of Truth A Dark future: Will anyone be able to stop this witch? What if she is not stopped?