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I hope I can be helpful in making this wiki even better ! I'm not too good with html though... :( but I'll try my best! HELP! I have an image that would be good for the Kazumi character gallery,but can't figure out how to put it up! Please teach me how


I have so many speculations about the puella magi world and maybe this is where I can write them down.

  • Alina Gray I found the connections to the HIV virus intriguing. Perhaps her wish was to cure a friend or family member of their infection, since curing illness or injury to be a common wish among puella magi. I guess it was just too much of a sensitive subject, I don't know how rampant the virus is in Japan but the fact that the game was edited must mean there was some concern.
  • Madoka's doppel I noticed that madoka, while using her doppel she has a hole where her heart should be.that's because her heart ( or soul,actually. ) is outside of her at the moment... yeah ok, this one was pretty obvious but the other thing I thought of was in the "Wraith Arc" manga the embodiment of Homura's magic had a hole in her chest too. (Actually the mutant wraiths did too.)

I really like the idea of the doppel, and hope there will be new characters with doppels or doppels added to existing characters.