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Please refrain from reading if you are not yet familiar with all the latest media released.
Japanese Name エイミー (Eimī)
Seiyū Voiced by Ryouko Shintani.

"I've got a cookie. Want it?"
"You're this little and yet you're all alone. Just like me."
- Homura and Amy meeting for the first time in Drama CD "Memories of you".

Amy (エイミー Eimī) is a black cat, featured in the anime opening, whose story is told in the Drama CD "Memories of you".

General Info

Physical features
Amy is a short-haired cat whose fur is a purplish-black with white whiskers. The insides of her ears are light pink. Her sclerae are beige with light green irises.


Madoka states that she's tried to bring her home, but Amy wouldn't go with her, implying that Amy prefers staying on the streets. Apparently, she isn't very fond of most people, as evidenced when Madoka was surprised she jumped to Homura's arms willingly.


Amy first appeared in the anime's opening during the scene where Madoka is lying on top of a lake. In that scene, Madoka is holding Amy to her chest. She never appeared in the anime proper.

Amy's story was eventually revealed in the first Drama CD. After being released from the hospital, Homura was walking to school and met Amy along the way. Homura talked to her for a bit before offering her a cookie. Afterward, while Homura was being guided by Madoka to the nurse's office, Amy appeared again. Madoka revealed she knew the cat and that her name was Amy.

She appeared a third time while Homura and Madoka were discussing the possibility of Homura becoming a magical girl. Her appearance prompted Madoka to explain that her wish was to save Amy from being run over by a car. After Madoka warned Homura to not use up her wish on such a tiny purpose, Amy jumped into Homura's arms and licked her face, much to Madoka's joy. She then congratulates Amy for making a new friend in Homura. Madoka asked Homura to take care of Amy if anything should happen to her.

Some time later, while Homura is at home, a powerful storm forms outside, leading her to wonder if Amy will be okay. After some quick research, Homura deduced that Madoka might very well be in trouble. Worried, she rushed outside into the storm, trying to find her. Amy comes to her aid, guiding her towards Madoka's location. It is unknown what happened to Amy later.


  • When Homura met Amy for the first time, she nicknamed her Kuroneko (black cat), before she learned Amy's name from Madoka.
  • In an interview with Gen Urobuchi, he admits that he was not aware of any cat and that he was surprised when he saw it at the storyboard of the OP. The cat was never part of the original storyline, being a creation of SHAFT for the OP of the anime. However, SHAFT approached Urobuchi for the Drama CD and asked him to include the cat in it.
  • Amy made her first official appearance in the Drama CD Memories of you. It is speculated that she reappears again in the second Drama CD, Sunny Day Life.
  • Amy's name was inspired by Aoi Yuuki's cat because of their similarities.
    • Originally it was the fans who named the cat Amy during the show's period of high speculation regarding the truth about the black cat. The staff decided to go along with it.
  • In Western superstition, black cats are a sign of bad luck and they are normally associated with witches[1]. This is the opposite in Japan, where they are considered to be good luck.[2]
  • Amy is usually found around Mitakihara, be it the town or school.